Last Seen Syndrome!

Have you been asked any of the following questions?
Have you asked the following questions?

*Are you pissed with me? You are online, but you stopped replying?
*Are you suffering from insomnia? You are online till late in the night!
*How come you are online during office hours? Not much work, in office, eh?
*Are you cheating on me? You were online way after I had slept off!
*Why are you not answering my calls? You are continuously online here.
*Were you talking to her? 'Cause both of you were online together.
* You said you were busy? But, you are online!

If you are the one asking these questions, God bless, the souls being put through this.
And if you are the one being asked these questions, you my friend, are a victim of the " Last Seen Syndrome(LSS)."

And if you are telling me, you have never been a victim of the LSS, you are either truly blessed or you don't have a life.

The "last seen" option I am very sure was developed by a very insecure person; who has successfully transmitted insecurity into all our lives.Thanks to all the latest chatting apps, our lives have become so vulnerable, it is getting hard to breathe.

You can run, you can hide but you just cannot ignore a message, any more.Ignore, and people with LSS will grab you, hold you, torture you and will ensure, you think twice before ignoring a text again.

But but but...Let's sympathise with people suffering from LSS, for a second. They are just making use of the latest technology, aren't they? It is similar to putting Rakhi Sawant in the Big Boss house and expecting her to not be controversial.

The SMS and e-mail generation have no idea how LSS has spread and conquered innocent, unsuspecting individuals. And also, how LSS has been the reason for many break ups and separations. The reason, for sleepless nights and innumerable fights. The cause, for irritation that is catching up with the youth of the nation.

When everybody kept asking for a solution, Whatsapp decided to provide immunisation(You can hide your last seen, with the new update). A huge wave of sigh!

While you are enjoying the hide and seek with the status updates, I am apprehensive of the day application developers will change, "last seen" to, "last seen talking to..."

Doomsday, I think, that's when I'll see you! :P


  1. I figure if someone quits responding either I pissed them off or have bored them. Either way it is time to cut my losses and go away!

    1. Ya ya only very few people actually think like you. :) Others keep asking why and how..:D

      Thanks for stopping by Kathy :)

  2. I know what you are talking about! Now, you just can't run away.

  3. ha..ha...seriously we all are the victims of this syndrome :) Good one...

  4. LSS surely has been a result of several breakups in recent times :p

    1. Haha! And they say technology is a bliss! :P

  5. Hahah I've removed that option the day the privacy setting was made available. It was sooo annoying! Now I'm not curious about anyone else and nobody bothers me too!

    1. Wow! I haven't been able to bring myself to do it, yet! :/

  6. Oh yes.. I bought a new phone and a couple of months later came the same phone with a new technology where last seen is not shown! GRRRR!!

    1. Haha! Now, all phones have the option that allows you to hide your last seen! Have you tried it?:D

  7. Ahh, the last seen feature. The bane of my existence.


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