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DISCLAIMER: Any relation to the title of the post and the movie "Jab we Met" is highly intentional.


I am a Technical Writer by profession. Everything is so technical, writing is no fun at all. Mine being a product based company, there is no strict 9-6 policy, I get weekends off, I have no dress code, I can work from home and I get a pay that is way better than what I would have got otherwise. These are the reasons that lured me to take up this job.

The job I got was not exactly what I had planned for, while I was doing my masters. This job, has actually for most part of it been like a paid holiday. All I had to do for the first six months was, go to the office, drink coffee/tea, browse the Internet, have lunch, play games, have tea and go home!
You must be so envious of me right now, aren't you? ;) Trust me, all this is no fun when you do it for six months straight, without a single day of work.

Job is nothing like college, we have always been told that . I only actually understood the true meaning of this after working for 10 odd months in the job I got.

I fail/hate to abide by some corporate world rules,like

1. Saying "Hi" and "Bye"
Hi's are a casual way of greeting someone except at work.If you don't say Hi to people the first thing in the morning it is nothing short of having committed a crime!
Similarly you have to go to all your colleagues and say Bye before leaving. I have never bothered to do this, honestly.

2. Chitter Chatting During Coffee/Lunch Breaks
Who doesn't like a coffee break? Me!
That's because I am in a team filled with people who are married and have kids. The conversations either revolve around their kids or the never ending political issues.
I would rather talk about a new movie, a latest book or even hot guy, which I can't and hence I am a silent spectator most of the times.

3. Writing e-mails
Oh God! Some people need mails to breathe, I think. The number of mails they send and ask us to send are ridiculous. And the format of these mails is soo casual that, there is a certain pre described format and a certain tone in which you have to write and also the people you CC the mail to play an immense role.  Very casual right?

4. Bitching
All those of you who believe guys don't bitch, must be living under a rock! The men actually bitch a lot more than us, women. They crib and curse about every damn thing their manager says even if it could be for a good reason.Women bitching about other women is somehow very acceptable when you see this.

5. Politics
Being a fresher I have been a victim of some of the most cruel politics in office. Some people have an itch to put others down, no matter how brilliant they are. They just cannot have a peaceful night's sleep without pointing fingers, playing blame games and also escalating issues like no one's business.
I know for a fact, a very comfortable spot in Hell is reserved for these people. 

6. Not accessing non-business websites
The day an access limit was laid on non-business websites, a part of my jobless-but-employed-soul died. What I would do with the 7-8 hours I had to sit in office, was a thought that didn't let me sleep for nights. Surprisingly blogs are not a part of this limitation.This, was when I discovered blogging and resurrected a blog that I had laid to rest with only one post.

Please provide your valuable feedback.

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  1. Yesterday...I read about the phone you bought with your savings and had also mentioned about your job and the dissatisfaction you have been going through . At first I didn't have a clear idea why it was like that . But today after reading this post I got to know the reason ...not one but many :)

    Good to know that blogging has come to your rescue the way it has come for me :)
    There's a honesty in your writings that I like :)

    The name of your blog is also a very interesting one .
    The side I hide....I think most of us hide one of our sides to the world. Isn't it ;)

    1. Sushree I think I will overcome the dissatisfaction in due course of time. :)

      Blogging would mean nothing without such encouraging words from you, seriously!

      And yeah, most of my real world people don't know I write. That's why I have given my blog this name. :)

      Thank you so much! <3

  2. Lol when I started working I faced something like this. Okay so I'm working with my father in the business. It's pretty exciting at times cuz it's export. There are times when I go to work and the whole day goes by in staring at the screen. It just is so annoying! Any way since I the boss' s daughter the perk is I can do as and what I want. But! A few people complained against me talking on the phone too much lol so my phone got banned from the work premises! Eh

    1. Really? :O How do you manage then? I would have been in a mental asylum without my phone!

    2. Trust me, life minus a phone is quite peaceful. Do give it a shot.

    3. That's going to be really hard for me. But, I will give it a shot. :)

  3. Am so glad that they didn't block blog ... eager to see more posts from your end now :-)

    1. I am glad too! :)
      Thanks a lot for the encouragement. :)

  4. those 6 points .. welcome's every fresher with open arm in corporate life's .. thankfully point 2 will not be the case of mine when i will be joining tcs in 2 or 3 months .. otherwise my blog will be full with post crushing every single person in my office .. :D :D congratulations , stay blessed and have more success ahead :)


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