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2019 - Love and more love!


I just went read through my last year's post and realized that only because I had let all my expectations go, I found everything I wanted and more this year!

I learnt to have a balanced approach towards life. I am neither overjoyed when things are positive  nor miserable when things are low. I took so many years to achieve this state of being and to realize this is what life is trying to teach me!

I will forever be indebted to this year for helping me fall in love with myself so much that I could finally fall in love with someone else ( Seshu <3)!

I was so comfortable being with my own self, friends and family, the addition of a new person to my life was only a step up to make everything better.

I am forever thankful to the universe for finding me my perfect life partner. I am a married woman now! Whoa!

People always told me that I have to wait for things to happen at the right time. I am glad I did. It was definitely worth the wait.

Professionally, I learnt things that wi…

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