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Goodbye 2017! You were amazing!

It was a conscious decision to stay away from writing anything on my blog this entire year.

This year started with a bang, and is ending with a bang. I have changed and evolved so much over the year, it is impossible to recognise and relate to the things I wrote before.

This year stands out in many different ways and mostly for all things positive. The key take away from the year is to go with the flow, learn to accept things and make the best of any situation.

I cannot believe how much it helped provide clarity and peace.

I have reached a place in life where I am happy and find happiness in the smallest things in life. I do not know how I had undermined that for such a long time.

I started my life with a fresh slate this year with zero expecattations, I have lived like there is no tomorrow. I visited 3 countries, I did well professionally, I made many new friends personally, I am grateful for everything.

I celebrated some of the happiest days of my best friends, it was insane and in…

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