Emoji Crazy! :O

In today's world it is alarming how emoticons have taken over emotions.

I feel I just cannot express myself clearly without an emoticon at the end of my sentence. :)
 See? :P
See again?! :/

Emoticons have always been fun to use since the time messaging came into being. But the advent of Whatsapp took emojis to the next level. :D

The variety of emojis to choose from is insane. And the ease of adding as many number of emojis to a conversation is the reason why all or chats look like they have a mild condition of Jaundice( So much yellow!) :P

I do not understand why people use multiple emojis at the end of a sentence, though.
I die laughing sometimes picturing the sender actually making all those faces at once! :P :D ;) :O :x :/

And with emoji-emoji everywhere, if you don't use an emoji people sometimes fail to understand the genuine tone of your message or misinterpret your message.:/
My friend once sent me a picture of herself in the new dress she bought. I replied, " Very pretty." There was no reply from her after that. I waited for a while and then sent a <3. Phat came her reply saying, " Thank you so much, love." So weird!-_-

Sometimes, I do not understand the point of so many emojis on Whatsapp. Who will have the patience to go and look for the coffee emoji to ask someone for a coffee? I don't! :@

The most annoying usage of an emoji is when you see a notification for a message, you open it eagerly and all that you see is an emoji! If you don't want to reply, you should just not reply. Why waste somebody's precious 30 seconds in opening a message only to find an emoji with no text?! :O

I personally fill my chats with emojis but only one at the end of a sentence or a few lines. Sometimes I send stupid emojis that have no meaning to people only to annoy them . What a ingenious way of wasting not just mine but other people's time as well. B)

Blogging would also be a lot of fun with a li'l emoji here and a li'l emoji there. I cannot get enough of those yellow li'l things! :D

emoji is what I use the most! Which emoji is your favourite? :D


  1. Replies
    1. So cute Sabeeha! :)
      \(^o^)/ emoji love right back at you! <3

  2. Sometimes, I am to too lazy to spend extra time inserting an emoji/emoticon & just make do with my favorite one- :)
    :) is easy & effective!

    1. I do that a lot too! :D Just put the most easily accessible emoji coz I am too lazy! :P
      And ya :) is simple but very effective! :)

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  4. Emojis can irritate -_- as well as amuse :v :p


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