Crushing 'em Candy

Eating candy is so passe, crushing candy is the in(sane) thing!
You think Candy Crush Saga is a waste of time? Think again!

DISCLAIMER: I don't work for KING! But I am a promoter of all things good!  :D

It is 2 a.m. you are stuck at level 65 , actually you have been stuck for a while now, you have to beat it today and now! You play and you almost figure out the strategy. You carefully make your last move but before you sigh you notice the last God-damn jelly!The worst part? You are out of lives!

You check if any of your friends are online. No! Everybody had to sleep early today! Wait, Miss. M is online, but err.. you have stopped talking. You can't stand her.Your mind tells you, "You need a life real bad!" After contemplating and a lot of contemplating for 10 seconds, you send her a request for life. You cannot believe when you see the red notification, she actually sent you a life! You are so moved you might just cry but that can wait until you finish the level. You finally kick the butt of level  number 65! You are so grateful and thankful to Miss M, you decide to give a brief smile when you see her in college the next day.
What a peace building initiative this game be! :D

Do you binge on candies? Can't ever resist the temptation when candies/chocolates/cakes are offered? Play Candy Crush!
You would have never imagined the colourful , please-pick-and-eat-me candies could give you such sleepless nights and some torturous days. The Jelly in the game is Karma's redemption for all the jelly fights you have ever had with your sibling, it will make you regret and regret how!?
Every time you see a licorice covered jelly, you squirm like you have chewed on a karela(bitter gourd). The torture of wasting a precious move to, first break the barrier and then another to crush the candy is insane! Yes you Candy Crusher, I feel your pain.
You have to give it to the genius who made the chocolate so evil. In every day world multiplying chocolate is everybody's dream come true but in the Candy Crush world, that nonsense multiplying brown thing is worse than a pain in the neck! Get stuck on a chocolate level and you will hate the c word until you beat it. Weight loss strategy? Works well for me! ;)

 Frustrated at work or college or school? Fought with someone real bad? Play Candy Crush!
Imagine you had a sad/bad day at work. You come all tired and exhausted, you start playing candy crush and you finally, with a stroke of luck beat level 102; which you have been stuck at for months together! That joy, that bliss of having achieved the impossible! Ah, nothing in the world can take that away from you! You feel so confident and happy about your own self, that you don't mind getting stuck in the next immediate level. You will get through it eventually is all you say to yourself. Positivity fills your life. Breathe in breathe out.
Gosh! I think I just turned into Sri Sri Candycrusheshwari. :P

And if you are one of those too cool for candy crush types and post this,
Please, page up and re-read all that I have written above and if you aren't convinced just yet, please don't find me, I will never send you a request again, I promise, NOT!

 I would tell  you some more benefits but my lives on Candy Crush just refilled and I have to beat that you-will-never-go-beyond-me level 102!


  1. Hehehe gotta love candy crush saga. I was addicted before but now my doctor told me to stay away from candy *grins*

    1. Haha! :D I am trying to reduce my addiction as well. :D
      Please visit often. :)


    "I have never played this one "

    1. Really? Did my post motivate you to give it a thought?
      Don't blame me if you get addicted. :P

      P.S: I Love your posts.
      P.P.S: So glad you stopped by, Red! :')

  3. OMG... Even I love Candy Crush.. And yes, I am stuck at a certain level too.. Need to get it cleared soon.. :(

    1. Damn! I still haven't been able to clear level 102, Jyotsana! :(

  4. Send me some potatoes in Kitchen Scramble, and I will send you life in candy crush. Fair deal? :p

  5. Awesome deal! :D :D I actually need help to clear one level in Kitchen Scramble also! :P


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