Beach Please!

Whoever says Heaven doesn't exist has never been to a beach. The waves gushing to relieve your stress,the sound of water hypnotising you, the soothing blue/green to please your eyes, a beautiful sunrise or sunset, tiny little crabs playing hide 'n seek, sand and lots of sand, refreshing breeze and a super hot skin tan is not what defines your Heaven, beach(b***h) please! :P

DISCLAIMER: This might seem like a school essay on "How you spent your vacation" but it is not.:P

In less than six months I got lucky enough to visit Heaven twice! Kundapura and Gokarana. For all of you wondering what these random names are, they are towns in Karnataka, India. They have some of the best beaches and are ideal vacation destinations.

The bliss of visiting beaches just multiplies by a million times when you go with your friends rather than your family. I got to chill with two diverse group of friends in each of the trips.

Kundapura was my first long distance travel beach trip with friends only. I suddenly felt so responsible and grown up. A bunch of friends I usually hang out with all of sudden decided to head to Kundapura. A friend's friend's uncle's new resort right next to the beach was our luring factor. We were hoping this veryyyyy near acquaintance could get us a bit of a discount alas they didn't get acquainted with our acquaintance. But we had made up our mind and we were ready to go!

The bus journey where we almost settled a marriage alliance  of a friend with our next seat aunty's son,the way we got yelled for giggling and laughing and scaring each other with ghost stories and the bumpy sleep thanks to the ghat section was so much fun, I couldn't wait to reach the resort.

Two days of pure uninterrupted fun was what followed. The beautiful cottage we had booked had a view looking right out to the beach. The sounds of waves hitting the shore were so alluring, we unpacked, changed into beach wear and plunged into the water only to come out hours later atleast two skin shades darker. :D

Since the resort was very new, we were the only occupants. We were nothing less than royalty. The way we ordered for whatever we loved to eat to be made, danced around the entire place and sang on top of our voices, we could just not have enough!

We went pleasant evening walk by the beach, witnessed a beautiful sunset and clicked insane number of pictures. "Oh I look fat!", "My hair is flying too much!", "Click my other profile", "I want the sunset in the  background ',were the only things we were worried about.

The night was hilarious with amazing food and lots of funny/embarrassing/high incidents that are best placed in memories rather than in writing. ;)

By the second day, we were used to the lazy life, we didn't want to move around or go see anything anywhere else. The Sun God heard our prayers, showed mercy and covered himself with clouds.What better reason to stay in the beach could we ask for?

After hours of not coming out of the water and an amazing lunch we decided to head back to the town to board our bus to Bangalore.

We went to bid adieu to the beautiful beach, while the sun came down, a li'l drizzle and WOAH we saw a mystical rainbow arched around. We kept trying to capture the beauty on our lenses, while a tiny second rainbow appeared and enthralled our senses!

We knew it then that the was the way of nature saying bye, we left with a smile but thinking why are we going back,why?!

Just when I was recovering from the grasp of the Kundapura beach and its memories another set of my friends planned a trip to Gokarana out of nowhere.

I was now greedy and hungry for more beach, I had to say yes I would hate myself, if I said no.

With a lot of confusion about who was coming to trip and how many days we were going to stay there and how would we apply for leave or take permission at work, we somehow managed to decide to just go!

We were a group of six, three of our friends ditched us and travelled the previous evening to chill for an extra day while the labourers-who- didn't- get- a- day-off(us) with a looooot of difficulty found exactly three seats  left in the bumpy rear of a State Govt. bus! :/ Sleeping with the windows slightly opened and eyes half closed, we reached in the morning eager to meet our three friends.

A lazy breakfast by the beach side, a couple of foreigners performing yoga aesthetically, the sound of waves smashing the rocks and a gang of crazy friends! Life could not get more perfect than that!

A li'l walk in the city, a failed attempt to catch a glimpse of the local deity, a crazy trek to reach the beautiful Kudle beach seemed to be the perfect way to unwind and breathe some salt filled air. A lot of pictures and poses later, we came across a foreign girl performing insane acrobatics on the beach side oblivious to the whole world around her. It was just liberating to watch her perform uninhibited. I found a wish for my bucket list just then and there. Living uninhibited in a foreign land!

Watching a  perfect sunset sitting on top of the rocks while the waves washed our feet, is a feeling I will not forget for a long time.

The infinite vastness of the water with just a glimmer of light from the million stars above made for the perfect location for a classic djambe session by a friend. But walking by the blue vastness on a new moon day and no street lights to guide was slightly scary. The small waves of the dark water that started from almost black horizon seemed eerie.I looked up to the pollution free sky and remembered what it feels like to see starts and millions of them! The eerie darkness, the infinite vastness of the water, the million stars! Such minuscule beings we are! I surrendered all my worries and vowed to myself to live in the present and never worry. I ran and walked closer to my friends.

We chilled and dined at a local shack and just let the magic of our surroundings engulf us.

I didn't want the joblessness to end, I could just get used to waking up and walking around the beach, doing yoga and eating at a shack and not give a damn about anything ever. Wish life were that easy! Sigh.

I have decided I am not going to give up any opportunity I will get to get closer to nature and in turn get closer to my inner self.

 I am already planning for another trip around beaches for the summer, what about you? :)


  1. Beaches and summer are always such a fun combo :-)

    1. The best combo ever! :)
      Welcome to my blog, Amrit. :)

  2. Such wonderful memories, Pooja! Beaches are fun & all that reflects in your post!
    But, during Summer, there are chances of getting tanned! Take care when you visit :)

    1. Yes Anita, I shall remember to pack at least two bottles of sunscreen.
      Thanks for reading my post. :)


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