Tanya was excited and nervous for tomorrow, the 23rd of April, 2014! It was her best friend Sania's birthday and also the day she had been struggling for, the biggest audition of her life. She had been planning and preparing for tomorrow's audition, since forever. Tomorrow's audition was all that she had dreamt of, all that she had ever wanted.

She had dreamt of being an actress all her life. After struggling for years and grabbing a few insignificant roles in a few television shows, she was fed up and just when she wanted to give it all up, she was called to audition for a movie backed by one of the biggest production houses in the Bollywood industry.She had finally been noticed. Ah! The joy was delirious, the excitement, very hard to control. She wanted the role to be hers, and hers alone.

She hadn't told anybody about it, she didn't want to jinx the audition. She didn't want anything to go wrong. She stood for hours in front of the mirror rehearsing, emoting and dancing. She recorded herself on her phone camera, until the battery died. Her hairstyle, her clothes, her make up, everything was decided after hours of deliberation and trial. She had to look perfect.

The clock struck twelve. She picked her phone to wish Sania, and grab some sleep to avoid puffy eyes. She also decided to tell Sania about the big audition, tomorrow and ask her not to be disappointed if she wouldn't make it to her party. She would make up for it in a big, she would promise, she thought and  called Sania, excitedly.

Sania received within the first ring. Tanya exclaimed, "HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYY!"
"Thanks, but it was yesterday.", said a seeming pissed Sania.
"You gotta be kidding me, right?", Tanya chuckled.
"I don't believe you. You don't wish me on my birthday and then act like nothing is wrong?What is wrong with you?", Sania yelled.
" No time to be funny, Sania. I have a big audition tomorrow. I will try and squeeze in sometime for you, I promise. Wish me luck.", Tanya said.
"Dude! These auditions are messing with your head, I am really upset with you, bye!", Sania snapped and cut the call.

Tanya, shocked and amazed, slowly looked at the date on her phone, it was 24th April. Sania's birthday was on 23rd, the AUDITION...


  1. Very scary but very absorbing story.

  2. Ouch, that gotta have hurt.... poor girl.

    And very well-written, yo :)

  3. an engulfing tragedy ! well - written :)

  4. thats sad :| well written :)

  5. omg!! well stress makes us like this sometimes! good one :)

    1. Ya ya ..stress is horrible! Thanks for reading Swathi :)

  6. oops ... that would be so scary and depressing :-(

  7. That is so sad.. :(



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