Growing Up Sucks!

I turned a year older yesterday!
(That's why I am li'l late in posting this post! )

DISCLAIMER: This is a rant on birthday extravaganzas! Read only if you don't mind!

My birthday this year was a mix of lot of things! A good lunch, a very good dinner and a lot of "huh, what is happening?", in between! :P

I just let myself be and do things I like doing, which also got me thinking and compelled me to compare how things have changed over the past few birthdays!

The excitement of wishing your friends at sharp 12.A.M. lasted until a few years ago! The easy access FB birthday wishing option entered and people stopped bothering! If someone sends you a Whatsapp text, they actually care! And if someone actually bothers calling, you should never let go of that someone!

Ten years ago, on my birthday I had just experienced what having a crush felt like and now my heart has been crushed so many times, it doesn't really care!

Back then, birthdays were all about being wished without having any kind of expectations from your friends. Call them all home, bring your own cake and throw a party.
Now, you have to keep wondering which of your friends will actually turn up, bring a cake and throw you a party(for which you eventually pay)!

I am surprised at how the gifts have grown in value with every passing year! We have forgotten that it's the thought behind the gift that matters, rather than the price!
Even today,I value a small clay doll gifted by my best friend in High School. Nonetheless,  I don't mind an expensive gift with a wonderful thought, if you can afford it, how dare I complain?! :P

Taking expensive gifts is not as easy as it seems because you have to return the sweetness when the time comes. The planning, saving all the money and then deciding what to get, which colour, brand, size etc and etc is a headache you would have called for yourself!

The surprises are another thing that have crawled into our adult birthdays!A best friend's birthday is nothing short of a litmus test for your "surprising skills". You should plan and work so hard to ensure your plan works, leaving your friend totally surprised or at least shocked! :P
I am a sucker for surprises! I pretend to be surprised to make myself and my friends happy even when I would have known the plan all along!

As kids, birthdays were days we got a chance to cut our favourite flavour of cake! Now, there are very few chances when we actually end up cutting just one cake! The maximum number of cakes I have cut in a day, is five!
I strongly detest wasting food!But how much of cake can your stuff yourself with, in a day?! :/ You mostly end up wasting much of the mouth watering, various flavoured, frosting covered delicacies. This mere thought makes my intestines cringe! :X

I realised I miss having to wear "colour dress" to differentiate myself from the rest of the non-birthday, uniform-wearing kids, in school! That day was like living a life of a celebrity! Now, all my friends turn up dressed equally as good as me, if not better(FB pictures have to look good!)! Nobody can specifically tell whose birthday it is , just by looking! Um, what's the point of me spending so much on buying clothes from a really expensive brand?Like, seriously?!o-0

Apart from all this,I actually love birthdays and the importance I get from everybody around the world! I am ranting because it is fun! The truth is I j hate being a grown up and acting all grown up! :/

However, a birthday is a birthday and I am happy happy birthday girl! :D


  1. Happy belated birthday woman :D
    I don't understand the fuss about birthdays. The past two years I didn't celebrate either. Why are we required to spend an insane amount of money to celebrate getting older. Beats logic for me honestly. And gifting for the sake of it annoys me.i will buy a gift as and when I please and give it to someone I value rather than buy one on their birthday!

    1. Thanks a lot Sabeeha! :D
      We think so much alike!
      But, I love being pampered on my birthday! :P


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