Whenever somebody asked Sia, what scared her the most, she would say, dogs!

Sia could never understand how people even thought they were cute. She could never get herself to pet them, she felt they were dirty apart from being scary.

She had been terrified of them, since the time she saw them bite a tiny little baby, when she was a kid.
In her head, dogs were monsters in disguise. 

Over the years, she had begun to look at them and admire them from a safe distance, if they got too close, she would let all hell break loose.

That was until Coco came by. He was her neighbor's dog.The cutest dog she had seen. The way he looked at her, made her want to pet him, but she never could.

Coco showed intense signs of affection, whenever he spotted Sia. Even though she felt weird, she did like it. It made her smile.

She had been living alone for a while, though Coco's owner was kind, he was too busy to actually hang out. Sia felt lonely. 

Coco, maybe sensing that, would always walk her to her car in the parking lot, maintaining a safe distance. He would then lick the raised window and watch wagging his tail, as she drove out.

Coco would keep strolling between both her and his owner's apartment, until she came home. Coco never tried to get close, but always cared.

One day, as Sia came home, she didn't find Coco. Confused and perplexed, she called his owner. He then narrated how Coco had met with an accident and since he was out of town, the maid had taken him to the vet.

She felt an unrealistic feeling washing over her. She felt weirdly attached to something that was not a human being. She knew she loved Coco as much as Coco loved her, from that moment on.

Sia stayed up all night, waiting for them to bring Coco home. The minute she saw him in bandages, she wept. She went up to him and pet him. She asked the maid to shift all his belongings to her apartment until his owner got home.

Once he was alright,
Sia got Cici, a girlfiend for Coco!


  1. Dogs are adorable...their love is always unconditional.

    I miss my dog right now. He died 5 years ago. We haven't considered getting ourselves another pet after his death.



  2. D'aww <3 Dogs are the best... you won't believe how affectionate they are <3

  3. I loved your story. I don't know if it's true, but how Coco understood Sia's fear and loved her for it by keeping his distance always is so true. I've got five dogs myself and they amaze me with their love. The strength of their love can overcome all fears.
    @freya3377 from Life as Freya -

  4. This is Sweet.

    Dogs are amazing creatures. Their love is unconditional.. Their cute way of waking us up.. Their excitement to see us when we get home.. I miss my dog!

    Nice one, Pooja! :)

  5. I am scared of dogs. I do love the way dogs show unconditional love to people, but I'm somehow still scared. Maybe I should be around them more. Your story makes me feel like I'm missing out something!


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