Dark Side of Love!

You shower him with love
You smother him with care and how
You make him your priority
He becomes your life’s necessity
He loves you or at least he pretends,
Then one day he leaves you for yourself to fend.

Countless nights you cry over him,
A hundred times from your sleep you wake up and scream
Music, books, shows and friends
Help distract but the torment doesn’t end

He moves on with a new life, new love
You still sit and wonder what went wrong and how
Memories of rough times bring tears,
Memories of good times create inexplicable fears!

Fears about trusting people again,
Fears about having a happy life,
Self-doubt and unanswered questions inflict pain,
You are never sure if you’ll make it out of this strife!

Source: http://www.polyvore.com/love_suicide_agony_hurts_poems/thing?id=732081

Life can be depressing when in a downward helix,
You will want to give up,
But choose to become a phoenix,
And make every tear teardrop, your fuel to rise up!
A few days and countable number of weeks later,
You begin to pick pieces of your heart,
You begin to learn things that matter,
Slowly, discovering your true self becomes an art!

You become your priority
The peace within you becomes life’s necessity
Life looks great ahead,
With all your inhibitions shed!

Choose you over him,
Let Karma take over
Your life you don’t have to trim
Instead give it a makeover!

Burn him and all the negativity,
Stab your insecurity,
Kill and cremate him in your head, 
Rather than you being dead!

PS. Girls committing suicide for a guy who gives no importance to them is such a shame! This poem is a dedication to all the brave survivors! 
Emotion/ Feeling: Depressed


  1. Kudos to you for writing this! Such a powerful piece of poetry with an important message. I love the positive note you have given it. Loved this one.

  2. This is so wonderful...you just nailed it in the last line. Bravo girl:)


  3. How can they? How can they choose a boy over Life? HOW?


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