In sickness and in health...

Ajja had been sick for years. Ajji took care of him.

She would wake up, make coffee. Slowly make grandpa to sit up and make him drink his coffee.

She would then, clean his dentures and help him while he shaved on his bed.She would then give him a sponge bath.

She would have to feed him sometimes as well. He tried to grab a bowl and spoon and feed himself, but most of the food landed on the floor.

He used to try to walk to the rest room that was next to his bed, but slowly it became impossible. Adult diapers were a bliss, but when there were accidents, she cleaned him and after him, with no hesitation.

She also washed all the dirty clothes, instead of letting the maid wash them.

She very rarely went out. because there would be nobody to look after Ajja.

Ajja would sometimes trip and fall sometimes. She would use all her might and strength and help him sit up, while she would go looking for someone to help.

When we would ask her how she is doing, she never once complained. She never cribbed. She would only say as long as he was with her, her purpose of life was to take the best care of him, because he had taken the best care of her while he was healthy.

I am pretty sure, they had never said "I love you" to each other, but actions are definitely louder than words.

I often wonder, if I will ever be able to love someone so much, to dedicate my entire existence to take care of that person? I really wish I do!



  1. Every time I see my parents I get the same thoughts "if I will ever be able to love someone so much"!

    Thanks for such a wonderful and lovely post! You have narrated so well!


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