Today I lack the zeal to write, because the A to Z challenge ends with this post. I love writing. I have been writing since I was a kid. But I am sometimes too lazy to pause and put my thoughts into words. The A to Z challenge has for the second time shown me, what I can do, if I really want to. That's why I am feeling really bad about writing the last post.

I did not schedule even one post. I appreciate people who can do that.

I had chosen the theme emotions/ feelings and tried to keep love as the main hero of all the posts. The stories kept coming to me through the day, without me thinking too much. I am very happy there are very few non-fictional posts. It is easier to write non-fictional, and I didn't want the easier way out.

My love for writing after surviving the challenge for the second time has increased. I now understand I can make any subject mine, and write because I love to. The whole part of creating and manipulating someone's life is so exciting!

I know my posts were okay, but that was how much time I spent writing them. I am happy, I could manage setting 20-30 minutes to write for one whole month. I never felt the burden of the challenge weighing down on me. I would look forward to that time with myself. I began to enjoy the small stories I started creating in my head. Like you can tell, I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge!

Writing for me is therapy. It helps me look at myself from a different perspective. I evaluate and retrospect based on what I write, it's a process of letting myself grow and be. Giving myself time to write is the best way to show how much I love myself, I figured. I will ensure I continue to do that more often. Thanks A to Z Challenge for making me aware of this!

And I should definitely thank all my dear blogger friends ( PeeVe, Aathira, Sushree ...to name a few) for putting up such amazing posts each day. Your work inspired me to write better. I am happy to have come across some really amazing bloggers through the course of this challenge. I also want to thank everyone who came by and read my posts, left a comment and appreciated the effort. You guys are the best.

Cheers! :D


  1. You never know who is getting inspired by you, Keep writing :)

  2. I wish there were more challenges like this. Because for readers, like me, it is a goldmine! :D

    I never thought there can be so many emotions/feelings realted to Love. The way you have taken the readers on roller coaster of emotions is amazing. I, personally, can relate myself to many of the posts.

    Got to admire the creative mind of yours for coming up the so many stories. You really have an artistic mind! You are an awesome writer, Pooja! I have to confess: I love reading all of your posts! Most of them bring smile on my face after reading! :)

  3. Kudos for finishing the challenge! I took this up 2 years back and have been travelling in April ever since. Hope to do it next year. Will read the posts now!

  4. I hope the zeal re-ignites in you ... waiting for more posts from you :-)


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