She checked herself in the selfie mirror a million times. Tucked a loose fly away, reapplied her lipstick, perfected her smile and sighed!
Her palms were sweaty, her heart beat fast, her mind was racing, and the excitement was irrepressible.
How would it feel to hug him tight? How would it feel to hold his hand? Would his kiss be magical?  A chill went down her spine.
She paced to the exit gate, upon hearing the announcement of his flight’s arrival.

Six months of virtually falling in love later, she was finally getting to meet the man of her life!


  1. And honestly no one can ever comprehend what one's gonna feel:) A very perfect representation :)


  2. Waiting at train stations/ airports be so so very sweet :)

  3. I know that feeling! Except we didn't meet in an airport. I met the man I found through his blog... in a park between where we each lived. That heart-pounding "what am I doing" feeling. Yes. (found you through AtoZ)


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