Right from the time I saw Maya, I had been swept away. Her smile, her eyes that closed every time she smiled, her mischievous giggle for nothing and everything, the numerous facial expressions her face was capable of making,the way she flipped her hair with her two fingers, the way she almost hopped instead of walking, had me floored.

It was not only the way she looked, I was in awe of how brilliantly she managed the small company she had started. How people looked up to her. She was a perfect balance of practical and crazy. She was perfect.

I had not told her the truth yet. I could not muster the courage to do so. Our friendship was way too precious. We had found best friends in each other. More reason for me to fall for her. I somehow convinced myself that I was happier this way, as I get to talk to her, be with her, always. Telling her would ruin everything.

Today, my mind was restless. My heart kept probing me to tell her, to talk to her about how much I loved her.

After a lot of debate, I decided to do it.
She picked the call and said, “Hey! I was about to call you just now!”
“Oh! What’s up?”
“Guess??!” She sounded very excited.
“Erm… I am not able to… Tell me, please tell me what it is!”
“My parents have arranged my marriage with my dad’s best friend’s son. You know the best part?”
“Wha…at?” I managed to say trying to disguise how I felt.
“I have always liked John. Always. I am so happy, I am marrying him! Yay!”
“Wow” was all that escaped out of my mouth.
“Guess, who the maid of honour is?”
“Of course, ME!” ­­­­I laughed.

The truth was not coming out of the closet anytime soon.


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