"Vaishali was walking home from college just like any other day with her girl gang. She was in a joyous, happy mood. As soon as her friends left her side, her life changed forever!

She sensed molten lava sliding on her face. Acid! She could faintly see Gopi sneering. Suddenly it all began to make sense, she dazed out before she could react.

Months of recovery later, she told herself, she was an acid attack victim, not a victim of life.

She fought through. The physical pain and the mental trauma had nothing on her.

She now headed a successful NGO that worked at providing career opportunities to acid attack victims.

If I had to describe her in one word, it had to be valiant."

There was applause all over as Rajeev read the blurb of his best selling book called, "The two faces of love". It was an inspirational story.

The owner of the publishing house, stepped forward to give him a memento for his achievement. Just then, Rajeev, looked across the room and signaled someone to come to the diaz.

The room grew quiet! Eerie quiet!

"I would like to dedicate this honor and recognition to my darling wife, Vaishali. I am a victim of her love" Rajeev gushed, as they both accepted the memento with humility.

The crowd cheered and gave the couple a standing ovation.


  1. Vaishali chose life after the attack and Rajeev chose love in the truest form. Truly valiant.
    Points To Ponder

  2. I didn't see that end coming. :) Nice story...
    @freya3377 from Life as Freya -


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