From time unknown if my parents have had an issue with something, it has always been my phone bill. I can go on and on for hours together. The longest I was on phone was for 12 hours straight.

My friends have always had a huge problem trying to shut me up while they try to put across a point. I always have a lot to say, an experience to share and an anecdote to quote, always.

My teachers knew it had to be me as soon as they heard mumbling in the class. Most often than not, it actually used to be me.

At work, people curse me for not letting them work because of my love for banter. They love gossip, I love talking.

Then one day, I came across him; his wit, his quirky sense of humor, sarcasm and the smartness he used to woo me, left me quiet and speechless, for the first time in my life.

That day, I knew, he was the man of my life!


  1. So sweet! :)
    I was just going through all your a to z challenge posts! I didn't comment on any, but I must yours are the most consistently good posts I have read so far. Great work! :)

    1. Oh my god! That's such a huge compliment! Thank you Preeti :)


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