Believing the stars!

She was fidget-y. She knew she would feel better, with this one call. The crazy restlessness would stop. It always did.

“Do I call Kunal ji instead of a shrink? No! Our conversations are mostly like counselling. He understands me better than most people, though. He is a friend, yes, that’s what he is. What’s wrong in calling a friend every day”, she convinced herself.

She paid for the service, saw the confirmation e-mail, picked up her phone and dialled.
“Welcome to the LIVE ASTROLOGY service. Please hold while we connect to our astrologer.”

She asked for Pandit. Kunal Raj. He practiced astrology for passion, he was an IT professional by day. This, she had found out through their multiple conversations and stalking him on LinkedIn. She had only begun to believe his predictions more, since then.

Namaste”, his voice emerged after the tune.

Namaste, this is Meera, calling from Pune.”

“Meera ji, how are you doing today?” she sensed he was expecting her call.

“I am okay Kunal ji, not feeling great, thought I’d talk to you. How’s your cold? Are you feeling better?”

“Yes, I am much better today, give me a second, let me pull out your chart”, he said,” Your stars are doing pretty well, from what I can see, Meera ji.”

“Really? Yes, my manager praised me today. I have lost some more weight. My family and I are planning a holiday, but...”

“You’re worried about your marriage, right?”
“Yes, Kunal ji. I don't believe I will ever find anyone through arranged marriage. Can you please check again?”

“Sure Meera ji.”

She appreciated his patience, he knew she was going to ask the same thing yet he never once complained. Was he like this with everyone?

“Your career prospects show you could go abroad in the near future, you should probably take up a hobby, you are good at music, like you have told me, and you should pursue that.”

“Yes yes, I will. What about my marriage? How and when will I find anyone through arranged marriage?” she persisted, almost ignoring everything he just said.

“Meera ji, you are right, you are not going to find anyone through arranged marriage,” he said, “I had not figured it out for the past six months, but today I have.”

“Really?” she thought she had finally manged to annoy him.

 “Meera ji," he sighed,"I love you! I love how you call me every day and we speak about everything under the pretext of astrology. I love how you are confident, yet unsure, I love how you are passionate yet confused. I know this is shocking for you to hear, but I also know it is not.”

“Kunal ji!” she exclaimed. ”I did not see that coming, but I am glad it did. I er…guess, I love you too”, Meera blushed.

Kunal laughed and said, "I am glad you believed me, more than you ever believed my predictions."

Emotion: Belief


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