On December 13th 2015, something happened, that changed the way I perceive things and myself. My best friend for a decade, Monish, had come down from Germany and asked to meet me casually.

I was excited to see him after a long time and was mentally making note of all the stories I had to tell him. He came home, met my family and we went out for dinner.

Like forever, we spoke at length. We did not realize how many hours had flown by. Realizing it was almost closing hours, we decided to leave.

While I sat in the car, he fumbled for something in his bag. He then handed me a box. I thought it was a box of chocolates and was very happy. Only when I took a closer look, I realized it was an iPhone 6S. Yes!

I screamed, I did not believe he was gifting me an iPhone! It had been a joke between us for the longest time. Every time he felt demotivated to stay so far and study, I would dramatically remind him about the iPhone he had to gift me when he starts earning. This had always been a joke to divert him from feeling low. Who woulda thought he would take it so seriously?!

I begged him to take it back, I said I would pay for it, he didn't hear a word. He said he was feeling his happiest best, seeing me so excited and happy. It is the most expensive gift I have ever received and definitely the most expensive gadget I own.

I was overwhelmed for days. I cried. I stayed awake most nights trying to digest it. At a time when I was feeling miserable about the way my life was heading, he had shown me how much he valued me. How much I meant to hi and how precious our friendship is. He had no idea what I was actually dealing with. I began to understand if I could be so special to one person, I was special.

His gift was not what overwhelmed, it was the gesture. I have not seen someone as selfless.

Everybody was/is shocked, when they find out my phone is a gift. They then ask me if it is a gift from my boyfriend with a wink, I proudly say, " No, it's from my best friend and that is the best part!"

He had absolutely no expectations from me except to see me happy. I am lucky to have so much love around me, aren't I?


  1. My husband gave me a new computer for Christmas, just because he knew I needed one. But that's different.
    This kind of friendship is truly a gift. Treasure it.

    1. Aww that is so sweet of him :)

      Yes, I will :)

  2. Hey Pooja, that's what true friend is all about, no expectations. Such a beautiful gesture to make one's friend happy:)

    1. Right? I am so glad I have such people around me :)

  3. that was such a sweet gesture ... that's how best friends are. They just come announced just at the right moment :)

    A Whimsical Medley
    Twinkle Eyed Traveller


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