Pizzas and pastas, nachos and tacos, noodles and fried rice, roti and paneer, ice cream and waffles, food in all its form and existence was what made her life feel complete. Eating and cooking were two of her favorite things.

People called her fat. They called her Sumo. Her butt was literally a part of all fat jokes. But her love for food was unparalleled.

Her being a Michelin star chef didn’t stop the nay-sayers. But they had never stopped her or her dreams.  She was healthy, she just did not fit into the society’s perfect body image.

She in her own food filled world was optimistic that one day there would be a technology that would ensure no calories are gained no matter what or how much is consumed. No fat would erupt from under the skin, bulging outward. Clothes would be designed in one size that fit all. Body shamming would become passe. She firmly believed that.

Until that day came by, she decided to remain the way she was, giving zero damn to the whole world.
Source: https://www.colourbox.com/vector/fat-girl-cartoon-smiling-and-ready-to-eat-a-big-hamburger-vector-8296939


  1. Can I just say I love her? It's easy to succumb under pressure to 'fit in' but it's standing out that requires real courage. Kudos to you for writing this!

  2. Given that I have a pint of ice cream in the freezer calling my name, I share that optimism!


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