I, me, myself!

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9 things about myself!

  1. I am an eternal optimist. I know things will always work out perfectly!
  2. I can't hold grudges against people. I am too forgiving, which is bad!
  3. I am extremely restless. I can't sit in a place or keep doing the same thing for too long.
  4. I have insane willpower. Once I decide to do something, I actually make sure I do it.
  5. I am right now, on the quest to try something new every single day of my life!
  6. I can counsel people very well. I can't believe people take me and my advice so seriously. I think I would be very rich if I started charging people for all the advice I give them. ;)
  7. Deadlines and releases don't make me panic. I love them, crazy adrenaline rush inside, while I stay calm and composed outside. 
  8. I have been told, that I am extremely entertaining quite a few times, in the past six months.
  9. I love unconditionally, you could do the worst thing to me, I might stop talking to you, but I will always care for you.


  1. We could have been friends in real life and had lots of fun!! :D

    1. Please let me know when you cone to Bangalore! We can have a lot of fun! :D

  2. Apart from point 2, all points check :)

  3. Ugh, I wish I were an optimist, I'm anything but.


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