Catching up on the challenge!

6 things you wish you'd never done!

  1. Shouldn't have indulged in online shopping, again, third time this month! People at work (where I get it delivered) are contemplating on how much I earn to shop like a maniac. I think I might be getting obsessed, my pocket is not so happy, but my heart is! :D 
  2. Shouldn't have stopped learning music!
  3. Shouldn't have stopped writing because someone who meant a lot didn't care about what I wrote ( I was young and naive).
  4. Shouldn't have made myself believe that I can't play sports. Maybe I can, I have never tried.
  5. Shouldn't have spent insane money on all those gym memberships, diet plans, etc.
  6. Shouldn't have let myself change so much, that it me took so long, to become me again!

5 people who mean a lot to me!

I am excluding my family, they mean the most to me without having to say it!
  1. Jyoti - For being this elder sister I have always wanted to have. Your patience to listen to my rants and stories, is unbelievable. To just know what exactly I'm saying, to be there for me at the right time. You have made me believe in myself and have made me stronger than I have ever been. I know, one of the purposes of me changing jobs was to meet you.
  2. Vinod - I know you read my blog, sometimes! Thanks for being this best friend at work. I want to come to work because of you and Jyoti. From checking out girls to gossip, I know I can always count on you. Also, for taking my side even you say you are neutral! Haha :D
  3. Chuppi and gang - For loving me for being me. For the insane trips and fun every time we meet. Our friendship has only gotten better with time. And, I want to put in more efforts and stay connected with all of you wonderful people. Chuppi, you are truly one of my favorite people in the world!
  4. Ajay - What would I do without you?! :O From where do you get all the patience? You are the bestest ever!
  5. Jig and Rek - For always being there! You guys have seen my worst and best and your love for me doesn't change no matter what!

4 turn offs

1. Bad odor. No odor is also cool, but bad odor is a big turn off.
2. Fake accent. Argh!
3. Too much makeup. If you want to conceal so much on the outside, I wonder what you are concealing on the inside, just makes me a little skeptical.
4. Guys with long hair. Just can't stand it unless you are John Abraham or Jamie Lannister from the first few seasons of GoT. :P

P.S - Work has been hectic and insane. Didn't have enough time to finish the challenge, that's why I am collating three in one! :D


  1. Hahah look at you, three posts in one :D

    And I'm nodding to so many things, the gym memberships, the long hair, the odor...

    1. Haha had to complete the challenge! Shamelessly put three in one. :P

  2. Three in one? Super! :D

    Fake accent drives me up the wall and so does odor. I usually spray my deo on my palms and keep smelling it. Yes, in front of the smelly person. But some people just cannot take a hint.

    1. Ya. I have sprayed deodorant on someone and that person still didn't get the point!


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