Easier to write... #10

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Something about this 10 posts challenge, Peev ee has taken up, allured me, to do it myself.
Maybe, because I  think I will know what I want and also myself better by the end of it.
Thanks Peev ee, for coming with this amazing idea. <3

10 things I want to say to different people right now

  1. Thank you for being non judgmental. You make my life easy, even without trying.
  2. Thanks for always being by me, irrespective of all my tantrums and careless behavior.
  3. Thanks for existing!
  4. Thanks for trusting my potential and encouraging me to do my best. I am glad I am standing up to your expectations slowly, but surely.
  5. Life without you hasn't been bad, now that I think of it.
  6. Why didn't you realize you were going to spoil our friendship while doing what you did? It's awkward as hell.
  7. You don't know what you are getting into, let the initial phase pass, you will realize.
  8. You make sure I don't have a single dull moment. The efforts you put in for me to be happy, priceless!
  9. Love how you always listen to my rants and never ending stories. I can't believe you find them interesting.
  10. Thanks for stalking my blog, means a lot! 


  1. Nice one dear :)


  2. Then I'm right by stalking your blog :)

  3. Eee.... you took it up! Hope you have fun with it :D

    Also so much gratitude, aren't you a sweetiepie?


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