Let's talk about Karma!

Karma is a B****h! You reap what you sow. What goes around comes around. I have heard all of these for the longest time and believed in them too.

Karma as a concept was created to make people aware of the consequence of their actions. To create fear about their misdeeds. Lately, I am noticing how people are using Karma as a concept for revenge.

"I am a good person, I will not take revenge, Karma will do that for me"
"You hurt me? Haven't you heard of Karma?"
"Karma will hurt you more than I can ever hurt you back"
"I would rather have Karma of hurting you, over having you in my life!"

There have been circumstances in my life that have been mirror images of things I have done to other people. This was when I started becoming very aware of my actions and words. I believed in Karma like I believed nothing else.

I believed it so such an extent, I got into a heated debate with my best friend, pulling references from the past to show how Karma was real. And how it had got me good. He did not get convinced. He did not budge from his idea that not every action has to have a counter reaction. He thought it was only a way of shifting the blame.

He got me thinking. I still do not think Karma is just tossing around the blame for all the troubles in your life. It's a way of learning to be empathetic. What better way is there than being in the same position yourself? But I know for sure, believing in Karma does more harm than good.

For the longest time, I wanted to see how the person who hurt me was going to get hurt. And I believed it would happen, if not now, eventually and I was willing to wait patiently.

Suddenly, I realised how wrong I was. By believing something wrong would happen to someone who hurt me, wasn't I inducing harm upon them? Wasn't I wishing them bad?!

Karma is not action oriented alone, it mostly depends on the intention behind your action. And, I do not have the slightest intentions to hurt even my worst enemies.  I know everybody has their own ups and downs to deal with. Why, in such a case, do I have to keep expecting them to feel the pain I felt? The pain, the misery, the hardship is extremely difficult to deal with, then why want someone to deal with it too? I realised it is insensitive to harbour such thoughts also.

Also, we usually get hurt the most by people we loved/trusted the most. How on Earth can you want the person you love/loved go through living hell, just in the name of Karma? Yes, they did it to you, but they did not know what it feels like to hurt somebody that much. On the other hand, you know exactly how it feels!

I do not know if I am making any sense, but I had to talk about it. I have seen a lot of people who are proud about believing in Karma and I have also seen them use it to threaten and blackmail others. To them, I want to say, think from my this new found perspective, I know you will not think about Karma in the negative sense again.

I feel grateful towards the people who hurt me for helping me find my inner strength, wisdom and peace. They have a huge hand in making me a better person. I wish good Karma upon them! :)


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    1. Thanks for such a positive award, Sridhar :)

  2. This comes at a weird time for me:

    Someone I thought was a friend threw me under the bus and almost got me fired on purpose. The problem is ongoing. I can't work out what their motivation behind such actions is BUT (despite my friends saying it is perfectly fine to feel that way) I can never bring myself to wish them harm (get them kicked out i.e., though I can if I want to); I don't want that kinda shit on my conscience.

    In this scenario, how do I not hope that Karma can implement justice and restore balance where I failed? Or do they get away with harming someone non-combative for apparent professional gain (or whatever)?

    1. Aww that's horrible! :O

      Karma or life will definitely show that person his place, but I was trying to say, we only harm ourselves more by investing thought about Karma and how it will serve this person. We will be trapped in a way, in their deceit for a longer time.

      Instead, we could focus more on ourselves and appreciate the lesson we got to learn.

  3. thank you so much. looking forward to link up more blog posts of you in my blog in the future.

  4. I'm glad you got this out of your system, my dear.

    Karma is something I believe in firmly and believe me, it is a bitch only if you are. I have seen the people (not necessary lovers) who have hurt me get it back ten fold. And trust me, it is not something that I wished for them. They just got it with the flow.

    Tit for tat sounds easy. For me, I treat people the way they treat me. But when someone hurts me, I curse them for a brief while and let it out of my system. It took me a while to master this, but I finally did. I just put them in the nothing bucket in my head and let it be. When karma finally does get to them and I hear about it, I do let out a smile. But I feel nothing inside.

    As you sow, so shall you reap.

    1. Yeah, not everybody wishes for Karma, but a part of us knows and believes Karma will get to them, no? I have that part too. I am just thinking how noble are we being by thinking about Karma getting to them? I know, it eventually will. I have a problem with the thought process.

  5. hmm that was really funny.whether we wish or don't wish,laws of nature will be implemented without any bias. nature is like judiciary of planet,it will shield you from worst of worst and it will avenge for things you have done.it just takes time over generations. stay calm and be at peace and leave it to the nature but never stay calm when something lies within your responsibility.fighting for your rights or raising your voice when something wrong is happening around you is human nature.these things should be done by us and nature won't do it and it will be stupid to leave such things to nature.people may or may not believe in god but nature is here to rule.

    1. Yes, I totally agree and I have also dealt with Karma. But in situations, where people use Karma as blackmail, I wonder how morally correct that is.

  6. Karma is a bitch. You can not escape your deeds. I have experienced for myself.

    I always let it decide how to deal with people who wronged me. It does works.

    1. Yes, it does. I am just questioning the thought process we employ while wanting Karma to affect someone.

  7. I have strong faith in Karma. I have had the chance to witness myself how it works..flawlessly

    What you give , you get sooner or later

  8. I personally find, Karma, as one the most difficult concept to grasp it. Even funny sometimes. One of the most difficult conundrum. Should person think about his own Karma or should he also bother about person's Karma? So difficult!

    If we think Karma as 'You reap what you sow', then we as a human being aren't thinking the way we are supposed to think in my opinion. Reason: we should always bother about "SOWING" rather than thinking about "reaping". We should always enjoy the process of sowing, i.e. enjoy the every task/work/relationship or whatever it is, actual happiness lies in it. If we aren't enjoying it, we should completely drop it. When mind is completely focused on the enjoying every bit of the process, the question of "reaping" is out. So, the mind/heart instead of worrying or concentrating future, it completely enjoys the moment/experience.

    Now the question about other person's Karma, simple answer: Ignore it. Period. More we think about or resist it, more difficult or troublesome it is for our life and peace. Even if it affects us badly, instead getting belligerent and cursing better way is to accept what is and make a peace with it. As once the one wise man said, in any situation in life you will find delights and relaxations and pleasures if you are prepared to make light of your troubles and not let them distress you.

    I don't know whether this comment makes sense to the post. :D

    Really nice, thoughtful post, Pooja! :)

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