Thank you, Next!

I had to use that as my blog post title! It not only was the most popular song of 2018, it also fit my 2018 life, perfectly.

2018 began with a huge bang, it almost felt surreal. 2 months into it, things came back to normal and back to square one.

Thanks to my friends and family, I bounced back quicker than I would ever imagine.

This year pushed me to do something slightly out of character for me, in March. It changed a couple of dynamics. I was happy I did it and yet sad for the way some of the things turned out for a while.

Dynamics of a few close friendships held my attention for the most part of 2018. Things eventually fell in place and I am glad that happened.

Apart from that, fitness is what I worked on. Yes, I have worked my a** off to maintain and achieve new fitness goals this year. I have not spoken about it on any Social media. I feel like my best self physically, after many years.

I realised my weight was all to do with my mental state. Since I was not in a happy place mentally the past couple of years, it reflected in the way I looked as well. The wonders of the human brain!

I also realised a couple of things that had tied me down, I was so glad this realization hit me this year.

I had lost myself in a relationship, finding myself after it ended was hard because my self esteem had taken a hit. I was constantly told, I was the reason someone was not happy. At that age, it was a huge blow to my mind and ego.

Today, I can stand tall and talk about how I overcame it all. How every experience is a lesson. How you have to love yourself even though it might seem impossible. And how one can never be the reason for someone else's happiness.

I have stopped worrying about my future, I am ever grateful for my present.

I am happy with my career. I am glad to have picked the right friends. My family is a blessing.

I traveled in and out the country this year. I traveled in and deeper inside of me.

I like my physical journey, I am extremely proud of my mental journey.

I have learnt the most valuable lesson life could ever teach, "Only I can keep myself happy and how!."

From constanlty trying to go out and having FOMO to now thinking about staying home for New Years even though I have multiple plans, is a huge change in me.

What does 2019 look like? I have no clue. I do not want to put the weight of all the expectations on one year.

I will wait and see my life guide me; while I sit at the staring wheel, following my heart, listening to my favourite music, moving closer to my destination one day at a time.

Love and peace to all!

Happy new year!


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