Three! :D

Today, I celebrate 3 years of working! What a crazy three years it has been! My life took almost a 180 degree shift somewhere in the middle and I have struggled to steer it to the place it is in right now.

Almost everything has changed from the way things were 3 years ago, what has changed the most is, ME.

The one feedback I have always got, be it from school, college, my internships or even my first work place, was that I am very quiet and shy. I was asked to mingle with people. I was made fun of for not talking much. I used to win the most disciplined student award because I was extremely quiet and well behaved.

I have always been someone who took Moral Science classes way too seriously. I still have problems with people who slurp while drinking, or chew with their mouth open. I still can't interrupt while two people are talking and not speak up when elders are conversing. Yes, I am crazy like that.

While I was extremely quiet because I was conscious of my behavior, others perceived me as silent. Most people believed I have attitude issues or that I am a snob. When I started working, I soon realized people mistook my good behavior for me not having opinions or suggestions. In a classroom scenario, this never had been an issue.

I had very little to do at my first work place, hence I did not get a chance to change myself. From the time I started working at my current workplace, I have evolved to become a better version of me.

Most people who meet me now are taken aback by my confidence and describe me as an extrovert. I have been called bold and straight forward as well in the recent few months. I have also been told that I leave a very strong impact on people.

I have met a few guys who have shivered while talking to me in the past few months, I am not bragging, it is just a happy feeling for someone who was shy to finally come across as confident and bold.

While life in its entirety has been responsible for my transformation, my work and my workplace have been a huge reason too.

Recently there was peer feedback at work, and the feedback I received is here for you to see:
Going from being called quiet and an introvert to being called a team player unanimously, is a huge transformation right?
Rewards, recognition, promotions come and go, but personality changes and stay with you forever.

I am looking forward to the new challenges my career can bring ahead. I can't wait to see how much more I evolve.

Lastly, I am grateful for the most insane 3 years of my life! 


  1. Congratulations on completing three years. And yes, jobs do change our personalities. Here's to more success and becoming a person that you wish to be in future.


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