This is my 100th post, for a long time, I was wondering how to make my 100th post special. Then, I decided to list the 100 things that make me happy. They are as follows:

  1. Waking up before the alarm.
  2.  Drinking ginger tea made by my dad, first thing in the morning
  3.  Finding all the parts of the outfit I plan to wear in less than 5 minutes
  4.  Reaching my cab spot before the cab
  5.  Bangalore weather
  6.  Listening to my happy songs 
  7.  Early morning texts, and an uninterrupted dose of social media in the cab
  8.  Having meaningful/ meaningless conversations with friends 
  9. Getting an elevator without having to wait
  10. Seeing that my best friend is at work and not working from home
  11. Seeing there are no emails that need immediate action
  12. When my hair decides to behave and conform to the style I assign for the day
  13. When my tea is hot and perfect
  14. When shopkeepers remember me 
  15. When boring meetings are canceled
  16. When there are sudden lunch outings
  17. When lunch translates to pasta or a burrito
  18. When afternoon coffee sessions bring out different sides of people to light
  19. When work-related discussions turn to fun jibber jabber
  20. When there are fairy lights all around
  21. When there are not-very-busy days
  22. When birthday cakes are cut
  23. When there is so much work and I can't breathe
  24. When there are arguments with friends over passionate subjects
  25. When I eat what I want without worrying about calories/ fats/ carbs
  26. When I eat something I have been craving for 
  27. When someone hums my favorite song
  28. When a song transitions into becoming my favorite song and I listen to it over and over again
  29. When I see PIZZA
  30. When I receive simple gifts that have a lot of meaning ( I like gifts that are not simple also :P)
  31. When I can catch a nap in the cab on my way home from work, feels so good
  32. Brewed beer
  33. When fries are crispy and the dip is delicious
  34. When mom packs my favorite lunch
  35. When an old friend suddenly decides to call/text me
  36. Weekend hang outs with friends 
  37. MISFIT
  38. MISFIT bonding sessions
  39. The day after my last period day
  40. When my dad fusses about me crossing the road or driving the car (so cute) 
  41. When I finish reading a book that's been in my TBR list
  42. When clothes I buy online fit perfectly
  43. When I go shopping with mom
  44. Every time I get my brother something he wants
  45. When my brother seems so matured and grown up 
  46. When my brother squabbles with me 
  47. Netflix
  48. Watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S over and over again
  49. When I can do as many Suryanamakaras as are supposed to be done in a class
  50. When I feel the sand escaping below my feet at a beach 
  51. CTR Masala dose/ SLV Idly and coffee
  52. A spicy masala puri on a rainy day
  53. Clouds and their fluff
  54. Biting into a 5Star/ Snickers/ Mars
  55. Coming home to majge huli 
  56. Hanging out with my cousins reliving old times
  57. My super cute and smart nieces and nephews
  58. Trips with friends
  59. Talking on the phone for hours at a stretch
  60. Painting my nails bright colors and trying nail art
  61. Learning new hairstyles/ makeup techniques, I will never use
  62. Makeup challenges on YouTube, I don't know why I binge watch them, I actually laugh out loud watching them, I don't know why I think they are so funny
  63. New seasons of my favorite shows
  65. A good selfie/ picture
  66. Snap chat filters, especially the golden fairy one
  67. A good haircut/ hair makeover at a salon
  68. Guys with good haircuts
  69. Sarcasm
  70. Pani puri, specially sukha puri in the end
  71. When dad comes home early
  72. When I go on long drives
  73. Shoes and lots of shoes
  74. Kajal 
  75. Walking alone for hours or meditating
  76. Walking with someone and getting lost in conversation
  77. When my driver finds a sneaky way of reaching home faster even in traffic
  78. When people give me compliments, though I do not react appropriately
  79. Sending <3 on WhatsApp and FB messenger
  80. Listening and belting old songs
  81. Eating a spicy biryani or Andhra meals
  82. Watching Jab we met, KKHH and K3G over and over again
  83. Dressing up
  84. Finding the lost earring of a pair
  85. Emojis in texts
  86. Finding poems and scribbled thoughts in my old notebooks
  87. Smelling old books
  88. Randomly finding hidden/old pictures and videos
  89. Having days that are exhausting
  90. Planning for vacations
  91. Being happy high
  92. Group chats that are actually interesting
  93. Chocolate/ Oreo milkshakes (Lindt in Byli needs a special mention)
  94. Wearing new clothes/ shoes
  95. When my eyeliner wings are aligned
  96. The relief after crying my eyes out
  97. Going home earlier than usual
  98. Taking a day off to do nothing
  99. Dinner dates with family
  100. Writing and finishing a blog post
These are the things that came to me randomly. And, I realized most of the things that make me happy are food or related to food and also that I am a very happy person! :D

Phew! Now that I am done posting my 100th post I will start posting a lot more.
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  1. Congratulations on completing a milestone. Take a bow girl :)

    Do drop by mine. my blog is in need of some TLC :p


  2. Congratulations on a Century, Pooja! :) Hope we will get to see a Double Century very soon! :)

  3. A super cool list, Pooja and love it. The lengthier the better. First time I am here and I am treated to this one. WoW!


  4. Congratulations Pooja! It sure is an interesting way to celebrate the 100th post and all the facts above are super interesting. Ranveer singh, Pizza, coffee sessions, conversations with friends, Watching FRIENDS are few that top my list too!


    1. Haha! :D

      Glad you could relate, Geets! :)

  5. Late to the party but congrats on the 100 girl :) Reading other peoples' happy posts also make me happy somehow :D Kajal, which is your favorite? Off to try the BYLI shake :D


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