"Ah! Not again!", she picked up his call unwillingly.

"You aren't ditching me this time, are you?", he asked mockingly.

"Erm, no! I will be there, see you", she cut the phone call.

He had been asking her out for months now, she had been denying him. She had come up with the best excuses to avoid having to meet him.

At the back of her mind, she knew there was something to him. She could not put her finger on what. She finally decided, it had to be his persistence in wanting to meet her.

She got ready half minded-ly, she had met quite a few random guys over the couple of months and had been disappointed. She knew this evening was going to be as nondescript as before. Yes, he had seemed nice on the phone, but she was unsure.

She reached the place at the decided time, she was punctual for once, which took her also by surprise. He called and apologized for being late and said it would take him another fifteen minutes to get there. She replied politely but internally cursed herself for having agreed to do this. It was going to be the same old story she muttered under her breath.

He arrived and she stepped out for him to find her easily. They had only seen each other's Facebook pictures before. He looked okay her mind said while her heart kept saying he was cute. He smiled, shook her hand and apologized for having kept her waiting.

They found a nice place to sit and started conversing about work, what they like doing and random things. Fifteen minutes into the conversation, she had to force herself to remain placid. She realised she had gotten extremely comfortable with him. It did not feel like she had met him for the first time.

She could not tell if it was his quirky sense of humor or his warm smile that was melting the ice faster than she had imagined it would melt. What was happening now seemed illogical, she had only heard people say, you can like someone within seconds, she had always claimed that to be false and impossible.

The conversation continued uninterruptedly until, her phone rang. It was her friend, wanting to make plans to hang out. She was shocked when she noticed that two hours had slipped without their knowledge. She could not remember the last time such a thing had happened. Their conversation was deep, smart, full of wit and sarcasm. She wanted more and more of it. She had not so laughed so hard in the longest time. She could not believe she was feeling this way.

His sparkly eyes in the dim light, his perfectly cut short hair, the way he was extra careful while eating, the way he laughed, the way he showed a sensitive side of himself while weaving tales of his insensitivity, the way some of their quirky interests matched, the way he had such diverse opinions about some things, made her heart flutter and her breath race faster.

She suddenly became aware that she was beginning to like him, while she was debating in her mind, if she should blurt it out, he looked in her eyes and said, "You might judge me for saying this, but I really like you." She blushed, she looked him in his eyes and said, " Having met a few disappointing guys over the past couple of months, I didn't want to meet another one, but I am glad I met you. You have every potential for me to like you, I don't like you now, but I might like you, you know what I mean?"

"No, I feel special and yet unsure right now, you can be a little nicer you know" he winked and smiled.

She said nothing but moved her hand closer to his, his smile grew wider as he slowly grabbed her hand, not wanting to let go of it forever. She blushed and she knew life could not get perfect beyond this.

" And dreams of Para-para-paradise, Para-para-paradise, Para-para-paradise", the restaurant speakers echoed. 


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