I knew she liked me. She always had. I could get her now if I wanted, and how.

All I had to now tackle was a whining girlfriend. I had liked her, dated her for a couple of years. I do not know what within me started getting resistant about the relationship. She thought I was commitment phobic, maybe I am or maybe not. She'll never know!
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I had to end this crazy relationship. I had to stop the mess it was creating in my mind. I did not want to be grown up so soon. I had never thought getting into a relationship would expect so much out of me. But, what would I do without her over the weekends? Who would I talk to over the phone? Who would I text? I had gotten used to her now, I needed somebody for sure.

During a million of our fights, she would distance herself, but I would always find a way to get to her. I knew she liked me, it was easy, she wouldn't resist. I did not let her go, every time she escaped, I went looking for her and held on to her, until she happened.

I was looking down at my contacts list and I see this pretty picture of a girl who could be easier to catch than I could imagine. I knew she liked me. She always had. I could get her now if I wanted, and how.

I bid goodbye to my old whining girl friend, I did not need her now. I had already found my perfect bait.

Life has never been this better. I now have the money, the car, the job I have always wanted. And I also have someone to hang around with, someone to visit fancy places that are opening in the city every other day, someone to click Instagram and FB pictures with, someone to show the world, I am living the perfect life, you can only dream of.

Do I love her? I tell her I do. I need her. I need her to satisfy my ego, that shouts aloud about how I latched on to her because I knew she liked me, she always had, I could get her if I wanted, and how.

I know I am doing the right thing, enjoying my perfect life, but my ex girl friend's voice in my head asks, "You know she likes you, she always has. You could get her now if you wanted, but you fell in love with me, how?", makes me uneasy. "Have you seen her dark circles? You know you are the prettiest girl that has happened to me? She is extremely dumb, have you ever spoken to her? She is too easy for me, I like challenges and that's why I liked you", my reply to her question, years ago, makes me uneasier every time I put my head on the bed, at the end of my perfect day.


  1. Such a loser this guy. I'm sure in a short while he'll find someone else from his contact list.

    1. Haha no, I hope he sticks to this one! If you know what I mean ;)

  2. We readers like new things to read . We don't like to read about the same old jealous ex girlfriend whining about her ex boyfriend who has happily moved on. You being a girl, its so not right to describe another girl the way you have in the above content. Hope to see something new! xx

    1. There are lots of new and fun posts on my blog other than this post. I believe in keeping a balance. It is weird that my sad posts are getting more attention than happy, positive ones, by readers like you. :)
      Also, I think you misread the post. I am also condemning the guy for talking and thinking shit about the girl through the course of my post. The way he is, is just not done.
      And whether his ex girlfriend is jealous or not, is not a part of this post.


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