Magical glue!

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My heart beats faster,
as my eyes hold your gaze,
I shiver and shudder,
but I swear to make this a worthy chase.

Your eyes peer through my soul, 
Like reaching me is your only goal.
my concerns, worries and persistent troubles
are burst by you like they are bubbles!

Strangers, that's what we are,
but what we could become brings me hope,
when with our eyes we play tug-of-war;
I want to fall over and let go of the rope.

Is this going to lead to anything?
I have no clue.
Your mere existence has mended my broken wing, 
like a magical glue!

I now dare to soar and glide across the skies,
filled with warmth and love,
taking everything negative to be a lie,
positive vibes I spread beyond and above!

Your fleeting glimpse and knowing half smile,
make the game worthwhile.
Stumped I am, times very a few,
That's why I had to, had to write about you!

P.S: Heard something on these lines at work today. Made me smile :) 


  1. And the poem makes me smile too! I so love the new look of the page as well :)

  2. Wow! This one was super. So glad to have come across you, Pooja. :)

  3. That's utterly charming... Carpe dium girl.

  4. Who is this lucky 'you'? ;-)

    Cute poem, and I love the new layout of your blog :-)

  5. You write so beautifully and eloquently. This poem is so sweet, painted a great picture in such a beautiful way. Recently my eyes played "tug-of-war" with the beautiful girl's eyes ;) . I can so correlate to those feelings. Heartfelt!

    The way the feeling of "freedom" and "moving on" expressed in a blog titled "Freedom!" is very expressive! Aarya just brought smile to my face! :)

    1. Hey ! Thanks a lot :) I'm glad you could connect with my writing :)


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