Hunger games!

People who say I am sweet, calm and composed, have never met me when I am super hungry. By super hungry, I mean having missed more than one meal during the day. I am like a starved lioness, waiting to pounce on food or people whichever comes first in the line of my sight. When I am that hungry, I want food that is extremely delicious or I will continue starving and annoying everyone around me.

This reminds me of a time in college, when we had had classes since 8 in the morning to 5 in the evening. I did not have the habit of eating breakfast, back then. I had rushed to college, as usual. As the classes progressed, my stomach started signalling me with hunger. Unfortunately that day, I had to utilize the break to finish an assignment due for the next class. My hunger only got worse and worse. At the end of the day I was famished.


As soon as the classes got over, I dragged my best friend to our favorite eatery near college. She was also as hungry as I was. We wanted to eat Masala dosa and have a cup of coffee. On some instinct, we checked how much money was on both of us. I realized, I had forgotten my wallet at home that day and my friend had no money either.

We started rampaging our bags to find any sort of money. After savaging every pocket, we actually managed to find 50 rupees all notes and coins put together.We were relived but the money wasn't enough to buy two Masala dosas and sharing was as good as not eating at all.

Since both of us lived nearby, we boarded a bus and decided to eat in our favorite snack shop near our houses. This meant, we had to hold in our hunger for another hour. For the first time, we hardly spoke to each other during the bus journey, even if she did, I would snarl and she would be forced to shut up. I had crossed my hunger threshold and was un- apologetically upset at the whole world. I was only thinking about the delicious Baby Corn Manchurian I was about to finally bite into.

We got down near our snack shop. Rushed to the counter, only to find to our amusement that the prices had been increased. The Baby Corn Manchurian now cost 60 rupees. We checked the price for fried rice, even that had been revised to 60 rupees. We were 10 rupees short and insanely hungry. We were also impatient to go home and wait until our moms made something for us as well. We decided to go find another place, stubbornly.

We walked another half a kilometer to a small restaurant. By this time, my need to eat something delicious was replaced by the want of food in my stomach for basic survival. It was already 7 p.m. We were beyond famished. We reached the restaurant and the first thing that caught our attention was  a board that read, "1 plate Roti Curry- 25/-". We ran to the counter and bought two plates of it.

We plunged into our food and finished the entire plate in silence ,within 5 minutes or less. It was, and still undoubtedly remains, one of the best Roti Currys I have had in my life. That day is etched in my memory like no other.

Even though it was only a couple of years ago, we still did not have smart phones.Times have changed since then. Life would have been so much easier, had we used a smart phone like in today's time. We could have ordered using apps like TinyOwl from where we sat and used one of our parent's card credentials, which would be saved on the app, to finish the ordering. We would have to only wait for a couple of minutes for the delivery and savor the food until we were completely satisfied.

Bless the makers of the TinyOwl application, that allows you to,

  • order food from restaurants in your vicinity
  • pay by cash or by card
  • save your credentials securely on the app.
  • save your effort and time without having to physically go to your favorite restaurant
  • make use of some of the best deals on food offered by the app
You can download TinyOwl application for both Android and iOS phones. The application is user friendly, is a light application (does not take too much space) and is intuitive. I would give extra points for the extremely cute owl logo. 

I have downloaded the app to let TinyOwl take care of all the rats that run in my stomach when I am hungry! 


  1. Truly an interesting story.The mention of Babycorn Manchurian is making my mouth water now!

    Goodluck for the contest!

  2. Heehee :D I can picture a cartoon lioness replacing your cute little face :P


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