A fool proof plan!

I just had to tell him. We were driving, comfortable silence surrounding us, it was the perfect time and plan.
“Listen! I think I like you”
“Whoa!Like me?” he seemed amused.
“I know that I love you”, I went on.
“Ahh! Why? We have been such great friends for years! I like you as my friend, but….”
I started laughing even though my heart felt like it was being shattered.
“Gotcha! I was playing a prank on fools day”
“Ohhh!” he paused, “I was too. I am in love with you!”

I moved closer and kissed him, revealing the reality.

Emotion: Amused


  1. Hahaha, sweet :D The surprise-r being surprised :P

  2. This is so sweet :) Awesome one :)

  3. Hahaha nice one!


  4. Beautiful tale of love on April Fool's Day. Great take on the promt:)

  5. Too bad I'm gonna have to wait till next year to try this out for myself :p

    On a serious note, that was really cute

    All the Best for the A To Z Challenge!


  6. Aw - this is so sweet! Who hasn't had one of those stomach churning "I do, do you?" moments?

    @RebeccaNoon from
    Enjoy a Nooner (AC)


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