My Dream Library

A dream library! Wow!
Imagine owning a library that is actually a collection of all your dreams?!

Disclaimer: I am not sticking to the topic per se, but what fun is life without a little twist? ;)

Bored of how your life keeps repeating itself everyday? Do you feel like you are stuck in a  never ending ocean of dullness ? Why worry when you have your dream library?!

* Tan tada dan..Here's presenting to you your very own, Dream Library!The dream library offers to you the opportunity to live and relive, watch and re-watch every single dream that you have ever dreamt. Offer valid only till stocks last, please sleep on the offer document before complaining.Ting ding ding ding ding *

Imagine walking into a room full of sections of various dreams of yours. The bliss of picking a dream to watch, depending on your current temperament and gradually slipping into a world of fantasy, and escape from reality, woah!

Beauty and the Beast Library
I would like to see my dreams being divided and provided in the following sections in my dream library:

The Happy dreams section: These are dreams that are sequences straight out of Karan Johar's movies, the foreign locales, big mansions, good looking and well dressed people everywhere.Ah! The happy endings and happily ever after stories you wouldn't mind becoming a reality.*Aaa aaa aaa aa aaa aaaaaa*

The food dreams section: These dreams are to be watched when you want to satiate an undying craving without actually eating. Diet pills? Exercises? Who needs those!

The drama dreams section: These are dreams that potentially have all the masala ingredients that could make an 80's film. An emotional plot,struggle, fights, crying, running, MAaa, a villain and maybe even a cabre number (item song) if you please. These dreams begin with drama and end with drama.* I would make a huge tub of popcorn and watch these on repeat.*

The funny dreams section: These are dreams that you want to tell every person you find ;but end up laughing so much while telling it ,that other person never actually gets the funny part about your funny dream. If he/she still laughs it is only because you are laughing. ha ha :/

The bizzare dreams section: These dreams basically have no plot or storyline. Even the characters keep changing throughout and loose plot. These are stuff that make up surrealistic movies( Example: Rohit Shetty movies,they are not surrealistic, but the plot... well, you get my point. )

The falling dreams section:  Sky diving ? That's so passe!  Dream diving, now that's more interesting!Isn't it so much  fun to watch yourself falling off a bridge, a train or the Eiffel tower? *Well, at least it is good to know you will be alive at the end of it all !*

The lovey dovey dreams section: These dreams can give Yash Chopra and Shah Rukh Khan a run for their money, what with the fantastic locations? The rain and snow or even the desert. The picture perfect timing? The sizzling chemistry! Ah! * Grab yourself  a pillow and sit in a cozy place and let your heart melt and your pupils dilate while your lips say Awww!*

The never ending dreams section: When you try to watch a movie on TV, you watch the same scene a li'l before or after it but never the entire movie? These dreams are exactly like that! I have watched the same scene of Khiladi 786 almost 20 times, but I don't know what happens after the Hookah bar song!*Maybe the Heavens are actually showing mercy on me, this way! *

The nightmares section: Yeah, they qualify as dreams too, they are just a little scary and maybe not so pleasant. You could maybe watch one of these and cuddle with your boyfriend and save money on buying tickets to watch all of Ekta Kapoor's supposed- to- be-scary but insanely funny/sensual movies.( Do people actually wactch these movies?!)
The rise of nightmares wallpaper

The ahem-ahem dreams section: The lesser said, the better! ;)

Even though a big huge library filled with books to read over a lifetime is an exhilarating thought for a book junkie like me, this dream library is a world of trance I would never want to come out of.

What would you wish for if you had this chance?;)


  1. Great creativity :) Really a dreamy library :)

    1. Thanks for your encouraging words Anita. :)

  2. Like the pensieve that Dumbledore owned?

    1. Yup! I have always wanted something just like that! :)
      But I prefer dreams over memories! :D

  3. That is quite the library, would be grand to each have our own and pick them apart

  4. All we can do is wish, Pat. :) Thanks for stopping by. :)


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