As a kid, April first used to be one of my favourite days. The planning of the pranks, the execution, being pranked and pretending like you knew it all the way from the start, are things I miss, as a grown up.

In the past four years April first, has gained a new meaning for me as it is the birthday of a person who has influenced my life in such a way, that, it can never be undone.

DISCLAIMER:This is my first attempt at the A-Z challenge, I hope to stick till the end.

Here's to our friendship, Mr. April Fool! :D

Cute and caring
Defined my
From a
Good day back in the October of 2009
Healthy conversations left lasting
Impressions.From then on,
Jokes and  some serious fights
Kept the momentum from
My mind's mirror you are, my mind's fear you are.
None of my secrets from you, I can hide.
Oh! We are mental , we are crazy but we make each other,
Perfect! We might fight,we might hurt or we might regret,but no matter what, am always  treated like a
Queen. :)
Rhymes and poems for me you learn,
Shots of photography and rhythm of the drums for you I learn.
Together we make the best team
U and I are the best version of
Wishing you happiness and joy that reminds you of
X'mas times!
You are the bestest thing in my life, I have said it already and I'll say it a
Zillion times! :D :D Stay Blessed! Stay Happy! :D

Woah! I'd be happy if this makes any sense! :D :P
Even though it has been only four years of knowing you, I feel like you have been by me forever!

The way we have binged on Triple Schezwan Fried Rice a million times with babycorn sometimes and crispy chilly vegetables other times.The way you gobbled momos from your plate and mine or the way you finish your drink fast and gulp mine also down in no time.The way you start salivating at the thought of SLV Idly +kharabhath +vada:D or crave for the perfect watermelon juice are things we will never get tired of doing.The same things and the same us but a different experience and memory to cherish every single time :D

"My Name is Khan ",declared the Resident Evil, while he watched Krishnan Love Story and thought "I Hate Love Stories!" He thought The Conjuring was a Cocktail, when he actually saw it, he ran for his life with  Bhaag Milka Bhaag running at the back of his head. The fact that Wolverine was declared the Student of the Year he could not digest, he had to hide his face so he boarded the Chennai Express without a ticket. On board, he met Vicky Donor who showed him a way to escape.Ra.One came and grabbed him and put him on his cape. When he landed he realised it was Go Goa where he had Gone,he thought he would own this place and become the Don. But then he met Ugram  and  he sighed. Thinking Lifeu Ishtene he decided to lead the Life of Pi! Kung Fu Panda entered the scene and belowed and declared Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and so he set off to make his life pyaara pyaara. :D

Wondering what rubbish this is? I could only mange to remember and recollect so many movies that we have watched. So many stories but the same us..with each others company even the most boring movie didn't seem to bore.

The good morning texts shows me promise in each day and the good nights tell me you will wake up to a better day.

Never getting bored of  all the shit conversations, the never ending gossip sessions, the music sessions, we recharge for 4 rs every night, but exceed the time limit try however hard we might!

We fight and then it seems like a hurricane has struck my mind. Everything around me seems to be falling out of line. I hate to fight and never want to hurt you, but for all the times I have done that I deserve a place in hell, I know I do.I apologise sincerely for all that I have done, I know I am being punished rightly with your pardon! -_-

You have been my bestfriend, my confidante, and my partner in every crime. I am lucky to have met you because I wouldn't be what I am if not for you! God Bless.

Happiest birthday Mr.April Fool ! :D

Lots of love, prayers,wishes and hugs! :D :D


  1. Cute - the way you used all the letters of the alphabet in your poem. Looking forward to what you do with the rest of your A - Z Challenge :)

    Please turn off captcha. You will get so many more comments during the Challenge if you do.

    MJ, A to Z Challenge Co-Host
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    1. Thanks for the valuable suggestion Joachim and also for liking my post. :)


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