Back from the dead!

 He kept looking in my direction and looking down into his tablet. He looked at me again, I got nervous! Could he see me? I stood behind the wall(silly me!), not wanting him to be aware of my presence. It felt nice to see him after so long.

He looked up and turned his eyes in my direction and kept staring. Oh God! My hair was untidy, my nails so long, forget all that, I wasn't even dressed! What would he think?! I could kill to see my own reflection! Literally!

I looked into his eyes, Ah! How I had missed being lost in them! But wait, why didn't it seem like before?Why were they so empty?!

I took a nimble step ahead, I wanted to face him. I wasn't sure how he would react.He looked at me, his face was still and his expression, blank.

I immediately cursed myself for deciding to come back! He was right, I just couldn't let him be!

What if he had moved on? Wouldn't he think I am prying? My coming back would clearly mean I am trying to suffocate him, wouldn't it? Was I going to crowd his space? His freedom? AGAIN?!

I recollected how our beautiful relationship had ended just the day before my accident.No, no, no I was upset, yes, but I wouldn't kill myself! It was a huge truck that hit my car and struck my fate!
I remember being rushed to the hospital and still thinking about him and that was my last memory for that lifetime.

I wanted to leave, too scared to reveal myself; but, my curiosity wasn't letting me draw my feet back.I wanted to satisfy the itch I had had to know what he did after I left. Who was he with? What did he do? (Ah! Girls!)

As I got closer I realised that my world's most favourite smile hadn't occurred on those lips  in a really long time! The unkempt hair and beard just made me feel so uneasy. I was not used to seeing him like this!( I can't deny I still thought he looked HOT! ;) )

I could not comprehend what I was seeing. Was he so upset, that I had gone away? But wasn't this exactly what he had wanted? Did he not want to go away from me, Forever? I was so confused!

In my heart of hearts that wasn't beating, I was happy that he missed me even after so long, but it tore me to see him so lifeless.

I walked and stood by him, putting my arm around his and I swear I saw a tiny smile escape his lips.

He looked down and started typing. I realised he had opened my blog. I realised my blog had more followers than I remembered. The names of the blogposts sounded so much fun,they spoke about food, movies, songs and even clothes I liked. The theme was also purple, my favourite colour.

With a lot of warmth I looked as he typed, " It is stupid to wish to get everything you ask for, because sometimes, when you get it, you lose all that you have!

It is exactly an year since I wanted my freedom but got confined by your thoughts. It is exactly an year since I wanted to go away but got pulled back. I wish I could go back to the that day.I wish I could tell you I really didn't mean what I said. I wish I would have not broken up with you; maybe then you wouldn't break up with me, forever! I wish!
It is exactly an year since I died and you became alive in me."

I was unnaturally overwhelmed with emotions for a supernatural being. I got all the answers I longed for.I did not have to stay another minute.I gave him a long parting kiss, knowing we would meet where the souls retreat.


  1. Wow! So romantic! Sad you had to part the way you did!

    Loved how you wove your story around the theme so beautifully. :)

    1. Thanks for liking the story Ragini! :) Means a lot :)

  2. Very well-expressed, Pooja. Sad story, but the ending has hope.
    Even I believe that souls will meet some day...

    1. I believe in never-ending hope, Anita. :) Thanks for liking my story :)

  3. Whoooa what a story!! great read

  4. Beautiful story! Its true that sometimes we don't understand the value of people with us, it is when they are not around we realize that.

    1. I concur! :) Thanks for liking my story, Nevin. :)


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