Well-in-time for Valentine's! :P


 It is that time of the year again. The time, that is well promoted and endorsed by companies to increase their sales and profits. Yes, you guessed it right, it is "Valentine's day".

DISCLAIMER: Just because I am being a cynic to the pompous celebrations, do not judge whether or not I am single. My opinion remains the same either ways. :)

It is Valentine's day and I have been hearing/ watching ads that ask you to surprise your girl by doing something or the other, which are stereotypical and mostly misleading.Do this, buy her that. take her out, impress her, blah and more blah. Do girls really want all that? See for yourself.

What a girl thinks to herself before falling in love:
 What a girl thinks to herself after falling in love: 
He should be well educated .       
Those looks! Who cares if he can read or write!
He should be good looking.  
 I think his crooked nose adds to the charm.
He should be smart.    
He has a Smartphone ? Can I get his number?
He should be funny. 
I can fake-Hahahaha hahahaha oh god! Sooo funny! I can't stop laughing- for everything he says.
He should have a well toned body. (6 pack is far too ambitious) 
 It's ok if he is a li'l round, I'll have a li'l more of him to love.
He should be tall.  
As long as I don't stand taller than him when I wear heels, he is tall.
He should be caring.     
 Ignore-Oh !it's ok, he didn't know he had to ask if I was fine when I almost came under a truck.
 He should be faithful.    
Re-assure- He saw her only once! And he thinks I am prettier. :D
He should listen attentively
Arey! I wasn't even talking about that, wasn't he listening?!Repeat- Actually I was saying...
He should remember dates and days. 
 Remind You know what happened same day, last year no baby? Think, think..
He should compliment.    
Rejoice-He sent a wink smiley? I can’t stop blushing!
He should gift.
 Awww this flower is the best gift ever.I will preserve it for life.
He should make her his priority.
Understand- It's ok he can finish your work, go to the gym, hang out with friends and then call me.
He should plan surprises
Hint-I love that red dress I saw in this shop, I wish somebody would gift it to me.  
He should be rich!
 Justify-Oh he is a firm believer in equality! That's why we share our bills!

See? Love makes everything take a back seat.I keep reading allegations every now and then about how demanding girls can be and how hard it is to please them. We girls, are actually simple souls, a li'l attention, some pampering is all we expect.Expensive gifts and saying sweet things might help but are not solely what our souls seek. ;)

Love does not really need a day to be celebrated. It is a celebration that happens everyday. I find the, "why do you love someone?" question very offensive. I also find the," what kind of guy/girl do you like?" question. annoying. How do you measure love? How can you plan and choose the kind of person you want to fall in love with?All our plans and ambitions with respect to our partners take a whole different direction once you start liking someone.

Do not try to measure your feelings with materialistic things. Buying some time for each other in your busy schedules is more important than buying the world's most expensive gift. Stay together through each others lows and celebrate each others joys thus making everyday, a very Happy Valentine's day! :)



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