Confessions of a Confused soul~!

I wait because I need to know!
I need to be sure about where I go!
The surface calm hides my inner storm,
Tears flow as either ways there is only harm!

When I turn right, I feel myself,behind, I have left,
And when I turn left, I clearly know I am not right! 

So scared to speak out,
Afraid to break out!
I need to shake up,
From this torture I have to Wake up!

When I am asleep I live my reality,
In my reality I lie asleep!

The superficial pretense,
Of denying feelings intense!
Smiling to prove a lie?
I'd rather break down and cry?!

I am walking because I can't stand still,
I am still cause in circles I end up walking!

Oh life! you and your idiosyncrasy!
I can see, but I choose not to see!


Haha! Confused?? 
Welcome to my world! :D :P

Until more confusions,


  1. Like one ad goes- No Confusion! Great Combination :)
    Great poem! Looks like everyone's story! You've got company :)

    1. Haha :D It feels better when you put it this way! Thanks Anita :)

  2. Confused ?! Perplexed! Puzzled!
    My head is still spinning like Flo Rida's You spin my head right round, right round! :D

    Good one, Pooja!


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