Quikr Nxt- The Next Big Thing!

I had been procrastinating updating my blog for a while now. I saw the Indi Happy Hours -  Get Quikr NXT! and knew that I had to share my recent experience with this post.

Ever since I started working, one of the goals I set for myself was to get my parents smart phones. They are both engineers and pretty up to date with the current technology. They themselves weren't too keen on buying smart phones. After saving for a couple of months, I bought them their very first smart phones. The happiness and pride that I could see on their face cannot be described in words. 

Since my brother and I had also recently bought new phones. There were four phones that were now useless. After a lot of debate, we decided to sell them online. I had given my number for contact. Then started the innumerable phone calls! 

The calls woke me up early on weekends, I had to excuse myself to answer calls during meetings at work, I had to keep stopping my vehicle every now and then to answer calls while riding. Also, I had to co-ordinate with my parents and brother about their availability at home, so that the buyers could visit to check the phones. To top it all, I had to answer queries about four phones, yes, FOUR phones, remember the details from megapixels to RAM to battery life, negotiate prices and repeat the same procedure with every new person who called. 

We finally gave two phones away to our maid and decided to keep the other two as back up phones. Argh!

After having such a bad experience with online selling. I hadn't dared to try it again until, I heard of QuikrNxt is the perfect solution to eliminate all these problems because 

  1. Number privacy- You can use your Quikr ID to chat with the interested party. This way, your number is not divulged. Thus, they cannot be a part of your other chatting or texting apps like WhatsApp. The fact that this is a chat and not an email query also makes the whole process real time, thus making the buying and selling process dynamic.
  2. Photo sharing- The ability to share pictures with buyers who are genuinely interested is a huge plus. This way, the buyers can ask for pictures from different angles and views to access the product better. Small videos of the product in running condition could also be shared. With a generation that lives on photo on video sharing for day to day communication, this feature makes online selling hassle free.
  3. Chat history- Once you describe the details of your product to an interested buyer, you can use the same information, copy and paste it to everybody else who has a query, thanks to the chat history that gets saved. This not only saves time but also ensures you are giving precise information each time. This way, you can track all the negotiations and pick the best one in the end.
Quikr Nxt is one app that is definitely remain on my mobile for a long time because I am all for selling old, redundant stuff to make way for new and better stuff.

This post is written as an entry for Indi Happy Hours -  Get Quikr NXT! activity in association with Indiblogger and Quikr.


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