Reflections- 2015

I have tried to summarize this crazy year in 5 points per month. I think this will be fun to look back upon years later! I absolutely loved 2015!



  • Partied like there is no tomorrow
  • Settled in my new job
  • Let go of someone I valued
  • Dealt with hurt
  • Fell sick


  •  Recovered from sickness and hurt
  •  Retrospection
  •  Planned for the future
  •  Vacationed with the girls
  •  Gathered will power to push myself


  • Faced releases and milestones one too many
  • Learnt new soft wares and tools in too less a time
  • Gained new product knowledge before milestone
  • Dealt with micro management
  • Talked to people and learnt from their experiences


  • Birthday 
  • Red head 
  • Traveled to Bihar  
  • Enjoyed all my cousins' weddings and wedding shenanigans 
  • Obssessed over Game of Thrones 


  • Weddings continued
  • Met new people
  • Learnt to handle work pressure
  • Made amazing work friends
  • Started rising like a Phoenix, new me, started emerging


  • Dealt with insane number of Prontos (Bugs - corporate terminology), 
  • Friends and fun
  • Started taking working out seriously
  • Proved my mettle at work
  • Pa came back to Bangalore! :D


  • Trip to Coorg with Chuppi and gang
  • Stayed in Coorg- hangover for the whole month
  • Was a victim of online shopping mania
  • Made interesting cab friends
  • New people gave new hope


  • Started my flute lessons
  • Attended my first bloggers meet
  • 100% focus on work
  • Got awards and appreciations
  • Got involved with the Kannada Gotilla initiative


  • Got a new haircut
  • My first maternal side niece was born
  • Took my family to Yercaud 
  • Fun at work- co-ordinated all the fun activities for the whole year
  • Friends at work became best friends at work



  • Friends and more friends 
  • Diwali with Suz
  • Cab madness (Prem, Kayas and Sachin)
  • Bought Pranav a new phone
  • Became extremely health conscious and took Peevee's help to stay motivated.


  • Kannada Gottilla meet up
  • Secret Santa at work 
  • Monish ( my best friend from school )overwhelmed me in the craziest way possible, I have not gotten over it, I don't think I ever will! (Maybe I'll write a whole post about this)
  • Maintained eating healthy and working out
  • Finally tried something I wanted to try before I was 25- Thanks Slo- Mo! ;)

This year has transformed me into my extremely confident, crazy and fun self. I have grown month on month and honestly, from how it began, I did not see myself being anything like this at the end of the year. I have very few inhibitions now, I am filled with optimism like never before, I am a energy bubble that cannot be burst, I am nowhere near being lazy, I have calmed my temper down, I have not been involved in any major fights with people I care about. Phew! This list is never ending!

I am thankful to all the people currently in my life, you guys are the best!
I am also thankful to the people who left, because they took away all the negativity with them!

Thank you 2015, I wish 2016 is just like you or better! :D



  1. This is a wonderful way to sum up the entire year. Have a awesome year ahead.

  2. Such an interesting way to look back on the year. I am sure you will enjoy re-visiting this in a few years. :)

    Wishing you a happy and prosperous 2016. :)

  3. What a beautiful way to look back at the year! I wish I had thought of that first! :P

    Happy New Year, Pooja! Lots of love! :)

  4. Unique way to summarize the year! Hope 5 points aren't inspired by 5 point someone..Just Kidding..
    May 2016 be better than 2015! Wishing you a happy new year! Have a "spectacular" 2016!

    Remember that I always said I am glad that I could connect to your blog so well. Well, that connection has helped me. Finally I have written my own blog, thanks to your blog and interactions, I got courage to express myself! :) I owe you one, Pooja ;)

    Do visit my blog

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  6. Happy New Year ... hope you have a fun filled and a great learning experience in 2016 as well :-)


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