What's your superpower?!

"I do not understand what you expect out of me! I do not want to live on somebody else's terms all my life. What did I even do?", Prakruthi screamed out loud.

"How can you be so audacious? I can't believe you are asking me what you have done!". Akash yelled, almost fuming.

" I went out with my friends, drinking. You know I don't drink more than one cocktail and as often as once in six months or a year. What are you upset about?", She asked, deeply irritated.

" You consume poison once, twice or daily, it is the fucking same thing", Akash's temper had now crossed it's limits.

" Fuck off! I can't have you monitor and dictate my life!", Prakruthi stomped out of the room.

"Have you ever thought about what I'll tell my parents? Should I tell them, the girl I like, drinks? They will be very pleased, I am sure", he yelled ensuring it reached her.

She came back into the room, tears rolling down her cheeks, " I only had a Margarita yesterday, I swear. The last I drank was on Priya's birthday, six months ago. I am not a drunkard. Why are you making it this big a deal?"

"If this is not a big deal, what is?! When I don't drink, I expect my partner to not drink as well. How difficult is for you to not follow this?", he started reasoning, his voice still higher than usual.

"Baby, I was forced to drink by my friends. I didn't want to. I don't want to do anything to hurt you. I am sorry. This won't repeat.", she managed to say, with tears flowing down her cheeks.

"I really hope it doesn't. If it does, it would be the end of this relationship, I am not kidding.", he said, threateningly.

" I promise, it won't happen again", she almost pleaded.

" Don't test my patience. It's like an elastic, if you stretch it too much, it will snap. Leave me alone now, I need to calm down. I will talk to you when I am not so upset with you."

Prakruthi knew only leaving him alone would calm him and she walked out of the room.

She remembered how the scenario was the same, every time he had found out she had gone drinking with her friends, which he knew was extremely rare. He could never stand her drinking, even if it were a cocktail. She had cared for his words and reduced it to very large extent. She would still occasionally want to unwind and relax wile hanging out with her friends and he never approved it. He would judge her, call her names and make it very messy for her.

She used to feel trapped and restrained. She believed there was no harm in social drinking and definitely no harm in enjoying a drink or two once or twice in a whole year. She used to be annoyed that there was someone who was pinning her down even though she knew she was nowhere wrong in doing what her heart guided her to do. But, she always paid heed to him because she did not want to disappoint him in anyway.

Prakruthi was surprised she could recollect the memory from two years ago, like it happened yesterday. It had taken him a whole week after this particular fight to start talking to her again. She had stopped drinking and even hanging out with friends who could potentially drink, after that day.

She looked down at her phone and at the thing that had set her memories rolling. She had been scrolling down her Instagram and she had seen, Akash's current girlfriend's recent update, which said:

If that was not amusing enough, there was a comment beneath the post that read, 
akash_bj: " You are awesome like that, baby! <3_<3"

Prakruthi smirked, the smirk gradually turned into a giggle, a giggle that became laughter, laughter that became uncontrollable, uncontrollably hysterical!

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  1. I'm assuming that she kicked his butt right out the door at some point? -_-

  2. Why did she have to let go of her friends for him? I would have broken a wine bottle on his head and dumped him instead :P

  3. Picturing her reaction after she saw the instagram post.. guess her reaction would have been like.. "What a douche!" :D

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  5. Times change..ppl change..I guess the best thing to do is move on in life rather than living in the past..

    If you do reply that u ve moved on..judging by ur blog, I Dont think you have..

    PS: I d really love to hear Aakash's perspective on this..The coin always has two sides
    PPS: you refers to "Prakruti"

    1. Thanks for clarifying that you were talking about Prakruthi, I would have a lot to say otherwise.

      And even here, the question is not whether Prakruthi has moved on or not, it is about how hypocritical and judgmental Aakash is.

      Since you think every coin has two sides, if you can give me an idea of Aakash's perspective in this situation, it would be interesting to read. :)

    2. Hmmm..no the question in this situation is truly whether you have moved on or not..since you're still looking into Aakash's girlfriends profile I presume after breaking up and judging "Aakash to be a hypocryte"..
      Yup..I think its time for you look to the future and not "think" about the past..

      PS: Yea..if only "Aakash" would be able to giv his thoughts about this..that'd be something...

      PPS: "You" refers to ""Prakruti""


    3. You cannot certainly say that Prakruthi hasn't moved on. In the story she is only happy that Karma is doing it's job well! :)

      I am glad you could relate to a post of mine well enough to analyse it in detail. Thanks! :)

    4. Yes..nothing is certain..not even relationships..

      I would say let karma take it's own course..dwelling on karma does not bode well..

      If you have moved on..then good for u...!!!

      PS: you refers to ""Prakruti""

    5. Your concern for Prakruthi is much appreciated. :)

    6. Ur welcome PrakrutišŸ˜›
      Have a good life.
      Take care..

    7. Ur welcome PrakrutišŸ˜›
      Have a good life.
      Take care..

    8. Why are you referring to me as Prakruthi?o_O


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