Red Head!

This year my birthday was extremely significant. It was the day I was born again, 25 years later. I am a new person from that day on. New people, new experiences, new me. I knew the change was coming and I knew I had to mark it with a bang, with something I would remember, something everybody would remember.

I was almost sure I wanted a tattoo. What I wasn't sure about was the design. At this phase of life, permanence and life-long commitment or the lack thereof are things I can debate on for hours. No design was convincing enough to remain on my body forever. And, I hate regrets. 

The next thing I debated on was a drastic hair cut. Pixie cut. I changed my mind immediately after I realized my wedding could be somewhere in the near future (I hope not!) and I would need my long locks to flaunt pretty bridal hairstyles, I have dreamt of all my life. 

And, I knew what I wanted. There is something extremely powerful about doing something drastic to hair, for a girl. It always does wonders to her  self confidence. I had made up my mind to colour my hair! Color it Red!

When I informed (not asked) my mother about my wish, she was taken aback, but I didn't wait for her reaction. I called a Salon and booked an appointment. I asked a few girl friends, they encouraged me to go for it.

A wish, a wish that never came....
A story, an old story was burnt in flames.
A beginning, beginning of stories new and fresh,
A soul, the birth of a new soul in the same body and flesh.
Breaking, breaking mental barriers,
Giving wings, wings to budding desires.
Walking, walking with a high held head,
Reviving, reviving emotions and feelings, that were long dead.
Yes, I am the girl with red hair ends. I love my new identity. I rediscovered myself all over again with this look. I had never thought I  would ever have the courage to do something so different with the way I look. I wrap myself warm in my comfort zone and I refuse to get out of it, mostly. Once, I let the blanket fall, I became a whole new me. Red attracts attention and I realized how, after I stepped out of the Salon. 

It could be insignificant for others, but for me, it has provided me with the knowledge that breaking mental barriers is easy. To adapt to changes, to styles, to anything new, takes time, but it is always a better feeling than never having tried. My hair color is an ice breaker when I meet strangers now. Strangers, who are now friends. I took a chance, it could have gone wrong, horribly wrong, but it went right and perfectly right. How will you know, unless you do it?

Take a chance, overcome your boundaries. You and only you can stop yourself from being everything you want to be.


  1. i had colored mine red when i turned eighteen. Whoooops. had to listen to my mom saying- "fashion ne maar dia", "itne sunder baal they", "hwaa lag gayi hai" and what not...:P
    can't even tell u the reaction i received when i went to haryana :P
    never the less, i loved the hair color and i am glad i did it,,,:P :P
    happy belated bday,,,,:D

    1. Hahaha. I went to Bihar with this hair, I know how you must have felt in Haryana! ;)

  2. It's always fun to experiment with looks :-)

  3. Very nice post .

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