Looking Up and Looking Bright!

It was a typical Monday morning at work. Heaps and heaps of work, a deadline glaring at me, co-ordinations with a lot of teams, a demanding senior were a few of the things I was dealing with, that particular morning.

Since the time I had joined the organization, there were a lot of responsibilities that were showered on me. I had to learn new tools in a very short duration of time, new processes and new ways of working as well. Above all, a new set of people to understand and deal with.

While I thought I was doing a decent job at all the responsibilities I was given, what I heard on that particular Monday, left me disappointed.

From not knowing the tools at all, to be confidently manning a project that only used the tool and presenting it to the stake holders, and completing everything well within the deadline, I was very happy at the progress I was making at work and so was my manager.

On that Monday, however, I had my one- on -one meeting with my manager and even though he seemed happy with my progress, he showed me a list of feedback I had received. I knew whom it was from and what it contained, even before he opened it. My senior and her "observations" were read out to me in detail.

If my manager only went by her report, I would be unemployed by now. The comments were so baseless and I had valid counters for everything that was listed. I discussed with my manger about how I could handle the situation and with her.

This was nothing new, she had already been micromanaging all my actions and monitoring even my slightest movements. I had been bothered by her for a while now and this just took it to the next level.
I tried to keep myself positive but only her baseless accusations kept hammering my mind. It is a different thing when you are condemned for not doing work and being condemned even after putting a lot of efforts feels worse. I knew it was her insecurities that were making her do what she was doing, but I am tired of being victimized for things others feel, without any doing from my side.

I  knew this was not going to last too long, I knew this was not the end of the road for me. Just when I was planning my mode of action to deal with her, I got a call from a friend, who is working for a company I aspire to be a part of. She had the best news to give me, there was an opening for my job description. I could not believe my luck! She also told me that the interview would be the next day itself. I was thrilled. 

One phone call and I could see my day started looking up. The best part was, it had the potential to change my life. My spirits started rising. I gave my all to prepare for the next day. The whole work situation, didn't seem to bother me anymore. I had a lot of promise in the days that were coming ahead. I just wanted to fast forward my life, then and there.

I went to interview the next day and cleared it as well. My happiness knew no bounds. Life is so unpredictable, my day went from being blah to being amazing within minutes! I learnt that there is no point in brooding over things that are not going right even when everything is right, it only shows that there are bigger and better opportunities lurking in the corner. Being optimistic about every situation in life , opens unimaginable doors.

I am filled with optimism for this new phase of my life. The way I am seeing it, nothing can deter my spirits, not so soon, at least! 

This post is written as an entry for Indi Happy Hours- Look Up Stories activity in association with Housing.


  1. aha! congratulations if you did land the new job. how are you doing btw :) hehe I'm in stalk mood after forever. catching up on missed blogs :p

  2. Congrats for clearing the interview. It surely was an happy hour for you :p

  3. That's right. To work and then hear taunts is something which anyone cannot fathom. Looking forward for your posts on the A-Z challenge.. :)

  4. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. - Wayne Dyer

    It's hard to imagine that something so simple as changing your perspective can change your life, but it does.

  5. Congratulations!!!!!!
    You totally deserved it :)
    More on you provide hope that sometimes where we fall, we are being directed to something better. I will try having faith and patience :)



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