The stranger I see.. .
I see someone...
Someone a complete stranger to me.
Someone I feel I have known for ages...
Someone still, a stranger to me!

Someone who is very new,
Someone who has appeared out of the blue.
Someone I feel I have always confided in,
Yet, someone is a stranger my heart would never let in!

Someone whose eyes speak,
Of misery equivalent to the highest peak.
Someone who looks weary of life,
But would give everything to make it a successful strife!

Someone whose tears would always want to drop down,
But stop, as this someone pretends to be a happy clown.
Someone whose one glimpse would tell you,
Of difficult times, not one but quiet a few!

Someone whose heart continually aches,
Someone who in the middle of the night suddenly wakes,
Someone who tries to think of every possible mistake,
That led to the never ending troubled times, for God's sake!

I looked absorbing everything I could at that someone,
A total stranger to me and to everyone!
The thought that this someone was a stranger hit me hard,
It was painful as though I was being scarred.

The someone was new to me, that's true,
But I was attached to this stranger, like I'd be with my close few!
I tried to reach the someone to give some hope,
And then, the emotions that built in me were hard to cope...

Touch this someone I simply couldn't!
Accept the truth I simply wouldn't!
With disbelief, I continued to stare,
As I realised something I never wanted to share...

I didn't know how to react,
My mind was numb not wanting to accept the fact...
That the thing that separated the stranger from me,
Is a MIRROR and the stranger I see, is actually ME!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda


  1. Sometimes I also see this 'Someone' in the mirror, esp when I contemplate on his face and what I see within him. Reflective poem. Simply amazing.

  2. Loved the ending! I missed your posts :)

    1. Your comments encourage me to write more! You are the sweetest! :*

  3. Well life transforms...I cant recognize me too..but well I am me. :)
    Keep writing :)

    1. I agree.. life does transform! Thanks Red! :D

  4. Exactly what I feel. :)
    But that's all a part of life. ;)

  5. I echo Red's comment. Life does transform. Well written.

    1. It is just that sometimes it feels weird that life has transformed so much! Thanks for reading Jyotsna! :)

  6. After a long time read a 'traditional' poem with rhymes and all... YAYYY !!!! Good work girl, keep it up !!!

  7. Times change, so do we :-) Glad to see you back :D

  8. I totally have those times when I look into the mirror and see a stranger... Especially when I don't do my eyebrows...


  9. I totally loved it and the more interesting thing was I read your write up after a long time.
    I did miss them actually :)
    So, how are you n howz everything going....

  10. ur pen puts emotions in blogs & after reading blog I started musing over relationship..!!!
    Nice blog..!!

  11. Wow i didnt see that ending coming :)
    nice one!

  12. some times we see far deep than just a reflection. Nice words, deep and meaningful :)


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