Forget to Remember! :D

*when loneliness sinkz in....!!
you is whm i think of callin...!!
i laugh wen i realize...!!
m lonely n u r d cause..!!*

These are the lines written by the 17 year old me who like all normal teens was infatuated . I read these lines today and almost roll on the floor laughing. I have forgotten when,why and whom I had written these lines for. I found it scribbled in an old notebook and for the first time in a long time realized, I have grown up! I have purposely typed it the way it was written..remember, t was kewl to txt lyk ths, back then ? :P

The best part about finding this post is actually, not remembering it. I  feel happy that whatever it was, that was bothering me, doesn't matter the slightest bit to me now. :D I am someone who believes 'all that, that happens always happens for the best(not even good)'. The fact that, even though I felt I was alone for a while, it didn't last for a lifetime, gives me the biggest relief and a new outlook to life! 

I have a life that is perfectly tailor made for me, right now! I don't even want to think of what would I have been like, had things worked out the way I wanted it to, when I was 17.It is too creepy.

Today, I am going to implement this new learning in my life and not cry or fret about things that may not work out the way I would like it to, right now. Because I know, few years from today, I will be glad it didn't work out and that, I will still be leading a perfectly tailor made life.

There are times in everybody's life that seem devastating. You feel there can never be a way out. You think you can never feel better. All this is NOT true. There is not a single bad situation in the world, that time cannot heal. Time is a medicine your mind needs to prescribe to itself and not succumb or lose out on the valuable journey of life.

I am trying to bring a little optimism that I have come to love so much, in the millions of teenagers or even youth who think it is the end, when a relationship that has taken a lot of emotional investment, does not work out. You need to try and reason things out, if it doesn't work even then, smile for the good memories and thank yourself for not making anymore bad memories.You can then,look forward to something much more brighter and better than what you previously had. :)

And one day, many years down the line, you will come across something that will remind you of the lost friendship/relationship that will make you laugh your heart out and reinforce a sense of trust in what life has to offer you.

Smile, stay happy and remember to forget the sad/bad past only to remember it at a point of time when you cannot remember it at all! Hehehe :D Confused? It is better than being sad, anyway! :D :D


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