Craving ignored!

Words are at a war,
Trying to break free with all their strength and power.
Emotions a many,vigorously bubble up,
It's been quiet a while since they have been bottled up.
This long passage of time,
has led to the hesitant falling of the words into a rhyme.
There is so much to say and so much to write,
From everything that's wrong to nothing that's right!
Between me and words there is a continual fight,
as i try to be superficial and the words give too much insight,
About the pain that is begging to be let free,
And times that make sorrow filled history,
All the experiences that have enhanced wisdom,
And stupidities many a random!
Holding them inside,I'd built a barrier,
And fought a war,as a coward warrior,
Fearing ,cause words i know, have the ability,
To reflect me with impeccable clarity!
Scared ma secrets would be out,
Dreading the consequences that would come about.
I write now,as i realize,to write is to let go,
to let all imprisoned thoughts flow,
Showing,everything that went wrong,
Was a mere reason, to make me strong!
And every smile i smiled in pain,
Was a brave step towards misery's slain!
And Now, I know,i have lost the war,
The words have ultimately regained their power,
And with this, they have scored,
Satisfying a craving,a craving to write,I had so far ignored!


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